As a website development company, it’s our job to help clients understand that possibilities of the modern internet. Fast load times, powerful ccs3 libraries, javascript scripts, and SVG can make for some fun and interactive website design, keeping users on a page longer and providing a level of detail not seen on most websites. Many of these micro-interactions, menus, parallax sections, scrolling effects, and animated logos help create a lasting experience a user is sure to remember. After all, the goal of a website is to keep the individual engaged long enough to make a buying decision or call for service.

1. Fun Thank You Page

When a contact form is filled out, a sale is made, a registration occurs or a website is visited, instead of just saying “Thank You” in plane text, draw it out using SVG and Javascript. This CodePen is elegant and polite. It adds a beautiful closing experience to an event that was just triggered.

2. Confetti Canyon

This is just plain fun! Put it somewhere funny or on a 404 page. Switch out the graphics for something else. Change the colors of the confetti. This is one of our favorites.

3. Button Hover Effects

4. Layered Parallax Effects

5. Logo Animation

6. Menu’s

7. SVG Animations:

8. Gradient Polygon Background Generator

9. Interactive Background

10. Text Animation Rolling Words

11. Animated text fill with SVG text

12. Responsive Table for Mobile and Desktop