Brick and mortar sales are dead. Long live WooCommerce!

But just because everything is moving online doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. An underoptimized WooCommerce store is a huge missed opportunity. Even worse, a few simple plugins make it miles better. Of course, there are plenty to pick from, but these are our favorites.

Sometimes, people only need a little nudge. Nurture genuine customer trust with real social proof from satisfied buyers.

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What it does incentivizes your customers to make real reviews.

How it works

Reviews are a lot of work, but makes them easy for you and your customers.

How? By giving people chances to leave reviews at every single step.

The improved review process comes in three steps. First, asks users for reviews at opportune times.

For instance, right after a customer makes a purchase, you can ask them why they bought the product.This allows you to capitalize on the same “aha moment” that got the customer to buy in the first place. It puts it on-record in a review that will convert other customers, too. can also add incentives to make this process easier, such as coupons.


This way, customers will feel rewarded for their review, they will be more likely to buy again, and you have a perfect means of testing how well the incentive worked (with coupon analytics).

Once collects lots of reviews for you, it uses machine learning to rank your reviews.

This data helps you decide which reviews are worth keeping and which should be scrapped.

Once you have all the reviews you could possibly want, they’ll show up right on your website.

They’ll even show up when people search your brand on Google!

By adding a single plugin, your eCommerce store will become a review powerhouse! What’s not to love?

Why we love it

There are plenty of review solutions out there but is easily one of our favorites. It’s easy to use without sacrificing power. It’s no contest: is the best.

Unlike most solutions, really gets you reviews. They use simple, friendly techniques that get real, hyper-targeted results, such as text-based review prompts.


These targeted texts reduce cart abandonment and make reviews more specific. How could it possibly easier?

By importing reviews from other sources, of course!

Want to put Facebook reviews on your website? Do it in a couple clicks.

This feature makes synching your reviews across platforms a breeze.

However, our favorite feature has to be form creation. In a few minutes, you can make the review form all your own.

First, edit form fields to make reviews easier.

This is a great way to make the review process very personal.

You can even customize the reviews to fit your brand. lets you customize the look and feel of your reviews as much as you want. 

This option is amazing. In the hands of a skilled developer, you can basically customize your reviews to look however you want.

Curious how good they can be? Learn about our expert eCommerce development!


Keep ’em coming with messages that work. Engage customers with better-targeted emails, ads, and texts.

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What it does

Klaviyo segments your text and email marketing.

How it works

The fundamental goal of Klaviyo is to make SMS and email marketing more effective. It accomplishes this goal with better segmentation.

Most email and text marketing tools are pretty basic. Klaviyo, however, lets you segment just about anything.

  Instead of sending the same email to everyone, send an email to a hyper-specific audience. If it’s specific enough, people won’t ignore it.

Of course, you aren’t forced to segment on your own. Klaviyo helps you divvy up your customers and gives you tips for optimizing emails to get those sales.

Sales don’t just happen. Use these tools to give customers the exact nudge they need every time.

Once you have all your segmented groups, you can set up automated emails for each one.

The flow is simple, intuitive, and very powerful if you know how to use it. Combined with some very special features, it makes an amazing ally.

Why we love it

Most email plugins can segment, but Klaviyo can really segment.

Want custom email copy based on a single item a customer put in their cart? That’s totally doable!

That means you can give each customer a near-custom experience. Maybe one customer needs a little nudge in a different direction. Send them a custom email!

Even better, the setup and billing are seamless. Klaviyo is a pay-as-you-go service, meaning you can set it to automatically bill up to a certain limit.

Not only is it simple, but it lets you decide how much you want to pay based on your own budget.

Even integration is easy. Klaviyo comes with a setup wizard, meaning you can get it running in a few clicks.

However, getting the most out of your eCommerce marketing is about so much more than a single plugin. Success requires work on all fronts. Learn more about how to optimize your eCommerce website for success.


Have trouble getting emails? Collect real customer data to draw them back into your sales funnel.

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What it does

OptinMonster collects emails and retargets visitors.

How it works

OptinMonster collects user emails so you can stay in touch with customers.

If you only judge the plugin from the website, it may be a bit confusing. There are lots of options to choose from.

However, the features are pretty straightforward. Either they collect emails or they target them.

Let’s start with email collection. This is the biggest reason you’d install OptinMonster. When someone lands on a page, visits your website, or hits some other trigger, a custom popup will ask for their email.

These popups can look however you want and offer anything in return (such as coupons, ebook downloads, and more). But more importantly, you can run more than one version side-by-side and pick the one that makes the most money.

A/B testing is brilliant, and it’s used religiously by some of the biggest and most successful companies on the planet. Using it for email collection is genius!

Why we love it

OptinMonster in particular is great because it’s so customizable. You can choose between so many different styles, triggers, and types of popups from the easy-to-use dashboard.

Edit templates or go custom to truly make your popups your own.

To get the most out of your popups, though, you’ll need an expert angle. After all, these popups drive sales, marketing, and so much more. Reach out to our marketing gurus today to learn what we can do for your eCommerce website.

Live Sales Popup

No one wants to shop in an empty store. Add urgency and social proof to your store with live sales notifications.

What it does

Live sales popup plugins notify customers when someone buys a product to encourage them to make a purchase.

How it works

These types of plugins are pretty straightforward. When someone buys a product, all the other visitors on the site get a small notification.

This doesn’t seem that useful, but there’s a lot of complex UX psychology going on under the hood. Humans are social creatures, so when we see someone else really likes something, we like it more. These popups generate just enough targeted social proof to get tons of purchases.

Why we love it

Anyone can do a popup. We like live sales notification because it does so much more than the others.

For starters, it has a very clean dashboard.

Notice that you can create several different types of popups for different products. This is killer for targeting certain sales.

Additionally, you can stay in touch with the times using special sales popups. Want to cash in on the black friday boom? Use a custom holiday design.

There’s a lot to love, but only if you do it right. Make sure you talk to one of our talented UI/UX designers before finalizing any visual component. It could make a huge difference in your sales.


Managing your eCommerce store has never been easier! Make informed decisions with best-in-class analytics.

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What it does

Metorik provides detailed sales analytics.

How it works

Analytics are everything. They should inform all major decisions. After all, there’s no better way to figure out how people use your site than looking at the data.

Metorik makes it easy with detailed analytics right on your site. The key feature is the analytics report. You can check reports on several stats, including revenue, profit, and more.

But it’s not just sales. You can monitor your emails campaigns, too.

All this data gives you a brilliant timeline view of how customers behave and how it impacts your sales. It paints an amazing picture of how people behave.

Best of all, you cat use this data to hyper-segment customers and target campaign and marketing material directly to the people that need the nudge.

It’s a wonderful analytics platform built for eCommerce, and no online store is complete without it.

Why we love it

As usual, we love its customizable features! The dashboard is easy to rearrange for your business.

Have multiple stores? Synch them up under one dashboard to view collective analytics.

Even better, you can create all sorts of different layouts for members of your team. That means your marketing team can have easy access to data that’s useless to the developers, and vice versa.

These custom layouts give everyone on the backend a much better experience.

Overall, these tools are absolutely wonderful. Each one adds unique value to your business and enables you to do so much more with your store. However, it’s easy to skimp on these features. After all, it’s hard to see the payoff early on. That’s why we’re here to help you with in-depth custom wooCommerce development. Reach out today to see what we can do for your store.