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Five Online Marketing Tricks

Online marketing can be done across many channels, giving markets a wealth of options to advertise their product, service or business. Due to the sheer amount of options one has when online marketing, it can be understandably difficult to decide where to put the effort in. There are a few brilliant ways to stand out […]

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FREE Music Icon kit

The Music Industry is full of vibrant people and designs. The usage of vector artwork in the music industry has been prevalant for a long time! Artists that are trying to make a name for themselves are always looking for new ways of depicting their personal talents. Fyresite is offering a Free set of Music […]

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Medical Marijuana Icon Kit

Medical Marijuana is a budding (no pun intended) yet still illegal industry. Some states have legalized it, others allow for medical use but overall the Federal Government still calls it illegal. We recently built a medical marijuana website and had trouble finding icons for the website. This problem lead us to believe that others were […]

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