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Having a great product or service is one thing, but having great graphic design is another essential. Great graphic design is super beneficial to any business. It is a great way to emotionally connect with your audience and grab their attention. Here are the reasons why you need great graphic design to increase your conversions.

Brand Recognition

You have your favorite brands don’t you? Whatever their logos are you can picture them vividly in your head. This is one reason why great graphic design is important and it starts with your logo. A logo that looks awesome but also professional and functional to your product or service is key. A great logo will help you connect and be recognized all the time by your audience.

Brand Identity

Just like you can judge a book by its cover, a logo can be judged very easily by consumers. For example, research has found that the average person can assess if they like what they see in less than a split second.(https://designschool.canva.com/blog/design-at-work/) Meaning that if your graphic design is poor, then the average person will bounce out of your website or platform almost instantly and go look for a website that is actually visually appealing to them. So trying to save money by opting for an “affordable” logo or graphic design can transmit a lot of bad first impressions. Opting for a highly professional logo and graphic design is a significant player in strengthening your consumer’s trust and allowing them to identify the values you stand for.

Brand Awareness and Retention

A study showed that 65 percent of information is retained by people when it’s paired with a image. Great graphic design will help consumers remember your brand and use your services or products again in the future.

Increases Perceived Value

You could be a company of 10 employees but with great graphic design, consumers could perceive you are a company of hundreds or thousands. After all people tend buy into what looks better.

Brand Engagement

Great graphic design is also very significant when it comes to brand engagement, especially through social media channels. Data shows that social media posts with images engage 650 percent higher than posts with just text. Making sure you keep your consumers engaged with great graphics on social media is pivotal in increasing conversions.