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the lone star state

Texas, “The Lone Star State”, is located in the southern United States and is the second largest state behind Alaska. Texas gained statehood in 1845 after much resistance from the native Texans who wanted the region to remain its own republic. The annexation of Texas into the United States formed part of the country’s border with Mexico, along with California, Arizona, and New Mexico. More recently, Texas became a major oil producing state after its first well was discovered in 1901. This lead to a great economic boom in the state and today, Texas boasts one of the largest state economies in the country thanks to the support of major agriculture, mining, and technology providers. The state is also home to several large city centers and major sports teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Texas Rangers. This rapidly growing economy is supported by large global corporations, as well as small start-ups and medium-sized business. To help these smaller companies remain competitive, Fyresite offers effective web design, graphic design, and search engine optimization services to the state of Texas.

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