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A logo is the visual centerpiece of a business. It’s the way your business name becomes a memory in the head of the consumer. If there is a business out there without a logo it’s more than likely your local liquor store. Every logo is unique to a business and its importance relies on allowing consumers to identify with your brand. Here’s why you need a logo and branding for your business.


A logo is the foundation to your branding, from the font type and font size to colors and objects used, it is a very important aspect to your business. A good branding strategy is significant in making your business stand out from the competition. The way your business operates and is unique from competitors is how consumers will recognize your logo and brand.

For example, people see a McDonald’s logo and can think low-priced and (debatably) tasty fast food. A Shake Shack logo can make the consumer think a bit on the pricey side, but even tastier and healthier burgers. This is how a brand communicates to consumers.

A good branding strategy uses all channels effectively: advertising, visual, verbal and social media. A strong and consistent branding strategy is a goldmine. Take the iPhone for example. Experts and critics are always rating the latest iPhone lower than the latest Samsung Galaxy, yet year after year, the latest iPhone release is always more expensive than the latest Galaxy release. This is because Apple has a strong and consistent branding strategy aligned with their consumers’ interests and needs, allowing them to always charge more without flinching.

How To Execute Good Branding

  1. Get a great-looking logo — get a a lot of mock-ups if you can and select the best one.
  2. State what your brand represents.
  3. Integrate what your brand represents all over your business and decide how it’s going to communicate to consumers.
  4. Develop a brand tagline, standards and guidelines.
  5. Be consistent and true to your brand.

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