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Instagram is a great place for inspiration gathering before a new web development project, app development project, graphic design project or branding project. We put together 14 Instagram accounts that represent the future of UI/UX design across the world. Get the inspiration you need for good UI or Web Design with these Instagram accounts:


Features great variety of design looks for web design, landing pages, newsletters, blogs and apps that are responsive and follow creative UI/UX principles.


The Best Designs showcases some of the best visually appealing designs from designers around the web. Designers can be featured on this page by using the #thebeeest hashtag.


For web design lovers, find inspiring designs from some of the best designers here.


Check out colorful UI/UX design inspirations on this account which offers a web design course on their link in bio.


With mobile on the rise in use versus desktop, check out some great mobile design looks here. Find even more inspiration on their website uisupply.maneken.cz


Offers some great looks of cutting edge web design inspiration.


Follow this account for the latest and most sophisticated in UI + UX design for desktop, mobile and apps.


Another account that features the best UI/UX designers on the web.


Highlights great UI/UX design with screenshots and videos.


Features many great design examples as well as related UX content.


For daily UI, UX and design inspiration and related content.


Highlights some of the most awesome user interface designs.


Features the best mobile and web designs from food to vacation apps.


Features some of our latest designs for websites and mobile apps as well as what happens behind the scenes.