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When looking for the right website platform, WordPress is usually one of the top mentioned and recommended. WordPress has more than 74 million sites ran on the platform, and there’s a clear reason for that. WordPress makes site development a simpler process than building a website from scratch. It also makes everything a lot easier to manage, with many features such as plugins, SEO friendliness, and simple customization processes.

Here’s why we choose WordPress as the go to web development platform for beginners and web designers alike.

Easy To Use

In the past, building a great website required above average skills in HTML and PHP. With WordPress, those skills are not necessary which is awesome. If your website concept revolves around content, then the barriers of getting your great content out there are almost non-existent.

The wide availability of plugins and themes makes most of the things you want to execute on your website very possible. Don’t know where to start on SEO? There are plugins to help guide you with the process.

Hard To Beat When Compared

Out of the tons of web development and customer relationship management platforms out there, there is only two that can actually be somewhat compared to WordPress: Joomla and Drupal.

Joomla does need coding experience for developing websites and is not very SEO friendly when compared to WordPress. Joomla is commonly used for more complex websites such as e-commerce.

Drupal, on the other hand is a trusted platform by many enterprises for its strong security, which WordPress can lack. The only problem with Drupal when compared to WordPress is that it’s not very user friendly and needs quite a bit of technical experience to manage. Drupal better serves more complex websites such as e-commerce sites on the enterprise level.