Case Studies: Green Mountain Grills - App Lead Smoker

Green Mountain Grills

Native iOS & Android Application

The Future of Grilling

In 2014, Green Mountain Grills was looking for a mobile app designer that could handle the development of IOT (Internet of Things) products. Therefore, their chosen firm had to be capable of overcoming a unique set of technical challenges.

GMG needed:

  • A responsive WordPress site for a no-nonsense audience
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps to control pellet grill devices
  • Internet of Things (IOT) integrations
  • Custom server design for off-site grill control
  • Ongoing updates of product firmware

The Problem

It was a tall order for GMG to find the right development partner. It was especially difficult for them to find a development firm that could provide all of the specific services they needed under one roof. We listened to Green Mountain Grills’ laundry list of needs and considered all of the connections between their proposed technologies. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to design and build creative solutions for this great company!

Soon after, GMG had a few high-quality pellet grills delivered to our Phoenix office for testing. After testing the grills using our COO Sean’s delicious brisket recipe, our team set out to design and build the right tools to support GMG’s customers.

Leveraging our experience in human-centered UI/UX design, creative problem solving, and full-stack development, Fyresite was able to successfully meet all of Green Mountain Grills’ diverse needs. We continue to improve and maintain GMG’s digital products to this day. We’re constantly testing, so visit us on the 3rd Thursday of every month if you like brisket!


We take good ideas and add the special Fyresite touch that comes from years of experience.


We work hard to fully understand your business to create a plan for optimal User Experience.


Our fully in-house Development Team means that there is always clear communication and real collaborative effort on your Project.


Our Spec Sheets define the Scope of Work and budget down to the line item level - resulting in successful Projects that come in on-time and within budget.

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