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Our Web Development Process

Your website is the building block of your online presence. That’s why web development — and your web developer — are so important. Almost anyone can build a website, but very few can do it right. Our web developers stay on top of the latest industry best practices in order to optimize your customer engagement to its fullest potential. Our web development team’s hands-on experience and attention to detail is the catalyst in making sure we deliver top-of-the-line websites every time. Here’s how our web development team delivers for you.

  1. Define Your Target Audience, Goals, and Overall Message

    Whether you have a website or not, it is important that we define your message. We construct a plan orbiting around your target market, what you are trying to accomplish and what your business is building. Setting measurable goals will put more focus on what is most important for your business. We analyze your audience, your competition, brand perceptions, demographics, and psychographics and construct an effective web development plan with a strong message to deliver a final product that will succeed.

  2. Create A Well-Defined Scope

    A well-defined scope is an important component of web development. A timeline is set for activities of the web development process that sets milestones and a clear delivery date for all our clients.

  3. Architecture & Design

    Our web developers make sure the overall structure and design of your website correlates in a effective manner. Our web development team also makes sure the design of your website conveys your business message and brand successfully.

  4. Develop, Test & Launch

    Fyresite builds websites utilizing one of 3 platforms: WordPress, Magento (E-Commerce), and Big Commerce (E-Commerce). We will match the correct CMS (content management system) to suit your project needs. This process will include adding plug-ins and extensions to improve the functionality of the content management system.

  5. The Build

    Our development team brings your site to life. We build your user interface and admin area using the latest coding technology, including mobile first, CSS3 and HTML5. Your new content is developed and your old content is refined. After the web development process is complete, our web developers test the product, making sure all elements are functioning properly. After comments and any issues are fixed, the finished product is launched.

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Below are some examples of our recent work. The left-hand column is the client’s original site, the right column is post Fyresite.

DS Michael

Grant Woods Law

Modern Flames