Android Development Update: Android Q

Google recently launched Android Q, which is a beta program for this year’s Android update. Android Q will deliver more security when it comes to privacy and locations settings, adaptability to foldable phones and a faster and smoother operating system.

Here’s more of what’s to come from Android Q.


Google is adding new restrictions to the way apps access our location. Apps approved to get our location can access our location even when the app is not being used. The new update will implement new options that let you set location privileges only when the app is in use.

Each app will have to give you the following three options for location settings:

  • Allow all the time
  • Allow only while the app is in use
  • Deny
  • Dark Mode

Like the battery saver option that turns white backgrounds to black, the dark mode will work the same way. However, it will run without halting background processes and limiting app availability.

Quick Settings Menu

If you are familiar with the quick app option, this works the same way. It automatically brings up an app menu of the apps you constantly use. With quick settings, you no longer will need to go all the way to your settings to adjust settings such as Bluetooth.

Time Estimate of Battery Life

Instead of percentage, you will be able to see an actual estimate for the amount of time the power on your phone has.

Google Product Sans Font

Googe’s very own font, called Product Sans, has been expanding in its appearance and will be in the Android Q update.

More Personal Customization

You will me able to customize theme settings, such as accent color, font and icon shapes.

Faster Sharing

Sharing your favorite memes and news stories can take awhile, as an Android system processes and builds a list for you. The new update will allow developers to specify preferred sharing methods and eliminate the building of a list process. Thus, faster sharing.

Emergency Button

Getting emergency services has been made easier and faster by a new emergency tile being added in the main menu that appears when you press and hold the power button.

Share WiFi Through QR

With this update, you can now share WiFi details simply with a QR code without the need for reading your password out loud. A quick QR code scan will get visitors onto your WiFi network almost instantly.