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Jason Turnquist


First in, Last out and always putting the Client first. Jason is a leader and founder of Fyresite. His unique drive pushes the Fyresite crew forward to new heights.

Sean Elstins


Co-Founder who is responsible for business development, marketing strategy, client relations, quality control, solving problems and curating quality music for the office.

Paul A.


A designer with a passion for code. This ASU alumnus assists with everything from custom website builds to corporate identity packages and everything in-between.


Director of HR

An integral part of the Fyresite; Gonzo is responsible for all human resource issues as well as keeping morale as high as possible.

David Scott

Director of Product

Resident software engineer and StackOverflow browser responsible for App Development and general knowledge in all things related to computing.

Eric Daily

Front End Developer

This Phoenix native flaunts 8 years working in branding for artists, bars, and music events. A multi-talented media-guru with a knack for eye catching typography and digital art, turning “pretty good” websites into works of art.

Michael Strong

Software Engineer

Student at ASU, studying Computer Science. Hackathon competitor that is fluent in PHP, Java and Objective-C programming languages. Started at Fyresite as an intern in April 2015 and is now full fledged member of the Fyresite.

Zac Toler

Front End Engineer

Resident gaming enthusiast, responsible for making the nitty gritty portions of the web look great and WordPress extraordinaire. Zac is also a new dad to baby Kasen and works out of our San Francisco office.

Donovan Reeves

Graphic Designer

A diligent and talented high school senior studying graphic design and animation. Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Don loves designing clothing in his spare time and helps keep Fyresite fresh.

Matt Turnquist

Director of Finance

Matt has his BA in Finance from California State College – Hayward. He loves numbers, spreadsheets and patterns in the stock market. He helps keep the gears greased here at Fyresite.

Travis Delly

Software Engineer

Travis is currently earning a BS in computer science from Arizona State University. He is our resident iOS developer and codes in most of his free time.

Stephen Orr

Software Engineer

Keegan Duffey

Sales/Account Manager

Mason Ellwood

Front-end Developer

Building the future and having a damn good time doing it.