Fyresite isn’t one of those huge corporations with thousands of nameless employees. Since our inception in 2009, our greatest asset has always been our employees. For our 14th anniversary, we’re introducing them to you!

Meet Don

Don is Fyresite’s jack of all trades. Starting his Fyresite career in 2015, Don has moved up from intern to Web Designer & Developer, always willing to jump on whatever project needs his help.

Favorite Project You’ve Worked on at Fyresite?

Don’s favorite project is Denali Water Solutions. Why? “Being a go between for design and dev and getting to dip my toes in both roles [web design and development] has been pretty sweet,” said Don.

First Computer Used at Fyresite

“When I started, Fyresite was in the basement, and they didn’t have a computer for me, so I had to carry my 27 inch iMac up and down 2 flights of stairs every day,” Don remembered fondly.

What’s a Fun Fact About Yourself?

“I don’t have a uvula,” revealed Don. For those of you who don’t know, the uvula is the fleshy extension at the back of your throat.

What Would Be Your Dream Job if You Weren’t a Web Designer and Developer

“Film critic,” was Don’s answer. Psst – keep an eye out on our social media to see some examples of why we at Fyresite think Don would make a great film critic.

What is One Piece of Advice You Wish You’d Been Given at the Start of Your Career?

“Learn to better take criticism,” Don said. We couldn’t agree more. Criticism can be scary or upsetting to get, but it’s required for us to grow.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

“A cat!” was his answer. What animal would you be? Share your answer on social media and be sure to tag us @fyresite!

What’s the best thing you’ve learned at Fyresite?

“I’ve learned about taking criticism and being a team player,” said Don.

Come back everyday until Fyresite’s big 14th anniversary to learn more about the players that work in tandem to make your web and app dreams come true.