Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular Anime Series ever to come to the United States and helped bring Japanese animation mainstream. The Story of Dragon Ball Z centers around Goku, an Alien living on earth as the protector of the world. Goku and the Z warriors fight to protect earth and it’s inhabitants from the evils of the universe. The Dragon Balls are central to the plot as they grant wishes of great power to the person who finds them and brings them together. Many of the beings that come to earth are looking to use the Dragon Ball for their own Evil purposes.


As the Original Antagonist of Goku in the Original Dragon Ball series, Piccolo of Namek starts out the countdown. The Dragon Balls are powerful tools that grant an all powerful wish. The Dragon Balls were created by Kame, Piccolo is the other half of the god who created them. If Piccolo dies, the Dragon Balls will become mere stones. Half god all badass, Piccolo is an important piece of the Dragon Ball Z puzzle.


The First big evil Villain of the Dragon Ball Z series. Frieza a feared and ruthless Galactic Overlord that runs the Galactic Planet Trade. An Alien that is Sadistic and uncaring, Frieza is the direct opposite of the fun loving Goku.


krillan from Dragon Ball Z
Long time friend of Goku and Husband to Android 18, Krillin has a decorated past and an interesting place in the Dragon Ball Z saga. He’s not a powerful fighter by any means but he has supported the Z fighters and given his life more than once for the cause.

Majin Buu

A magical being of untold power, Majin Buu is a force to be reckoned with. When he first appears he is often playful and childish, but as he moves along in the show he becomes more cold and evil! Buu is the thing of nightmares, he turns people into food and eats them, and can regenerate from any attack.


The Price of all Saiyans, Resident Badass, and one of the most changed Characters in the series. In the beginning Vegeta was hell bent on getting the Dragon Balls so he could become the Ruler of the Universe. After he was defeated by Goku on Earth, he joined forces with Goku against Frieza. Vegeta is arrogant and bitter about Goku’s greatness. He also coined one of the most popular quotes from the series, “What??! His Power Level is over 9000?!?!”.

Cell Junior

Cell is a major supervillain from the future, he is the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero designed to be the perfect warrior possessing all the abilities of the greatest fighters of earth. Originally designed to be like an insect that hatches from an egg, and grows more as he absorbs and eats more people. Cell is the embodment of Terror and one of the strongest foe’s the Z warriors have ever faced.


Shenron is the Holy Dragon that grants wishes to the finders of the Dragon Balls. He Dwells in a raging fire deep inside of the earth’s core when the Dragon Balls are not being used. He can bestow any wish as long as it does not exceed the power of his created, who must be alive.

Dragon Ball Z