Fyresite launched the YSOD (Yard Service on Demand) beta application: a new app that connects homeowners to reliable landscapers in an instant. The app uses fresh design and innovative technology to make landscaping more reliable than ever before.

The idea for YSOD came from Rolando Aguilar, a hardscaping professional with several years of experience. He noticed two major problems in the yard service industry: a bad customer experience and idle lawn workers.

The first problem was that homeowners wanted better communication. “Many landscapers don’t give quotes, don’t come back, and even don’t show up at all,” said Rolando. “Homeowners want a quick in-and-out experience, and they want it now.”

But this issue is by no means caused by a lack of landscapers. In fact, many landscapers wanted to expand and fill in empty time slots. “Landscapers could be waiting for someone on the other side of town with all their equipment,” he said. “I wanted to bring new opportunities to people working in the industry.”

To Rolando, the solution was simple. “I decided to solve both problems with Yard Service On Demand — YSOD,” he said. “It’s like a rideshare for lawn service.”

But building the app required more than a vision. Rolando needed an app development agency as focused on communication and good user experience as he was.

Building the Yard Service On Demand App

Rolando approached Fyresite to code, design, and launch the Yard Service on Demand application. As a top Phoenix app developer, Fyresite has built many service-on-demand apps before with a similar design-focused approach.

The team was a perfect fit, and after an extremely collaborative journey, the app took shape.

The YSOD app has several cutting-edge features that make it much easier to use than any alternative. While most homeowners get inaccurate quotes from lawn service professionals, the app calculates the costs automatically.

“The lawn measurements are one of a kind,” says Stephen Orr, Fyresite’s Senior Full Stack Developer. “Homeowners enter their address and select their yard from the map. The app calculates the size and cost for you.”

To pull off these unique features, the developers employed a wide range of technologies. “We used React Native Maps and Google Earth API for the yard measurement tool,” Orr says. “The mobile app development team built with React Native and AWS, as well as Stripe payments and third-party plugins.”

But the technologies alone don’t make the app great; it’s how they’re used. “It’s the accessible platform homeowners need to get prices in seconds — a rideshare for lawn service” Rolando said.

The journey has not been without its challenges, but YSOD continues to emerge triumphantly. Even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rolando saw a bright future. “No one knew what was coming down the pipeline with social distancing,” he said, “but it’s a real opportunity for YSOD to make contactless service easier.”

The Future of Yard Service

Both YSOD and Fyresite have high hopes for the future. “I’d love to see YSOD helping people in every city in America,” says Rolando. “It helps homeowners feel comfortable and brings new jobs to landscapers that may have never even considered expanding this way.”

Moving forward, Fyresite plans to build more handy features baked-on customer feedback and Mixpanel analytics.

The YSOD beta is available on the app store and google play store. We will be uploading a case study soon with more technical details.