Your application has been tirelessly tried and tested to remove bugs and errors. The system has been patched and refined so effectively, that it’s time to consider launching. Sharing your application with external users is both exciting and scary. However, the process will be especially horrifying if you don’t know what lies ahead of you. For that reason, we will clear up the mystery of MVP Launch. That way, you can rest easy that your application is ready to roll out. Let’s start by answering some questions, then explore some of the benefits of launching your app the Fyresite way.

The MVP Launch Preparation Phase is an important part of the overall app-building process. To find out what happens before your product hits the masses, read about the quality assurance process. To find out what happens after, read about app maintenance and feature additions.

What is the MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is a version of your software that contains only the most important core features. As the name suggests, it is the simplest version of a viable product. Instead of releasing a fully-developed app several years after conception, the best strategy is to release your MVP and marginally improve it over time based on your target audience. While a fully-developed app stuffed with glitz and glamor may seem like the optimal launch goal, it often costs too much time and money to produce. Your MVP, on the other hand, reaches the market sooner, allowing you to gain valuable feedback. Check out this article on Medium for a more detailed definition.

How Do I Launch My MVP?

Once we finish QA and internal Beta, the MVP should be ready for a soft launch. A soft launch is the release of a product to a limited audience, such as friends, family, and colleagues, before releasing it to a wider audience. While a soft launch may seem unnecessary or slow, it is an extremely useful tool for collecting usability data. If users find a bug or error that failed to show up during QA, the problem is restricted to a small number of users. It also gives us quick feedback about your application. A soft launch allows us to quickly and efficiently screen your application one last time before advertising begins. Once these final errors are patched, you can launch to a wider market and rest assured that your application works smoothly.

MVP Benefits

Does rushing into launch still seem like a wise choice? Here are a few of the several benefits of launching your MVP Fyresite style.

Better Market Testing

The marketplace is extremely complicated, and no amount of speculation can predict exactly how it will behave. So why should spend extra time and money on features that people may not want? When you start with a soft launch, you can get accurate data faster at a significantly lower risk.

Stronger Core Focus

How many features are too many? You and your target audience may not have the same answer. So why would you develop features that your users don’t want when you could focus on the core purpose of your app and add other features later? By definition, your MVP is hyper-focused on the core purpose of the app, allowing you to launch faster and attract investors earlier.


This benefit is straightforward: MVP saves you money. By focusing on the minimum features to build a quality product, you save time and resources. But the savings don’t stop there. When you soft launch your MVP, we can find and resolve problems sooner, which saves you even more money and gives you much better results

Making the Most of MVP

Launching an application can be terrifying no matter how much you prepare. Luckily, you don’t have to launch alone. If you have more questions about your launch, use our contact form or call us at 888.221.6509.