Shopify is constantly evolving and adding to their catalog to make it better for their merchants. One new evolution is the ease of selling wine. If you are one of the merchants in this 339.53 billion dollar industry, you know that previously, selling wine was an unpleasant hassle due to taxes and law compliance. Now, Shopify for Wine has worked to make it easier than ever to sell wine on Fyresite’s recommended eCommerce platform. We at Fyresite have broken down the best additions to Shopify for Wine, so you don’t have to.

Who Benefits From Shopify For Wine?

If you sell wine, you benefit from Shopify for Wine. You can be a devoted winery, or just sell a bottle or two with other products. Read on to see how Shopify for Wine benefits your business.

How Shopify for Wine Makes Selling Wine Easier for You and Your Business

As mentioned above, it was previously difficult to sell wine direct to consumers on Shopify. Specifically, there are three main issues that made it difficult to sell on Shopify that have been addressed and made improvements. These improvements are sales tax and compliance, managing online and in person business sales, and new sales and marketing channels. So how did Shopify improve these items?

Making sure you are selling wine while maintaining sales tax and legal compliance

Age verification is one of the most important compliance laws.
Having an age verification on your checkout helps make sure that you are in compliance with federal age requirements for drinking. It also prohibits underage customers from completing purchase.

The DRINKS app is one app that can keep you in compliance both with laws and taxes. You can use the DRINKS app directly in the Shopify Admin which makes sure that you are in compliance with alcohol laws and sales taxes are paid at all levels (county, state, federal).

Avalara AvaTax is another Fyresite recommended app for tax compliance. This app helps you make sure you are up to date with any tax regulations. However, it is currently only available for Shopify Plus merchants.

ShipComplaint is another option. It makes sure that you are in compliance with alcohol laws among every level (county, state, federal). It also integrates with third-party shipping apps. This compliance solution connector was built by Bloom, the Shopify Plus agency, and is accessible for Shopify Plus via API with Bloom.

Managing online and in person business sales

Shopify Plus allows you to use one platform for your business. You can read why Fyresite recommends Shopify Plus here.

If you have a different level of Shopify, you should use Shopify POS.
This allows you to manage in-store and online sales on a single platform. Items can be available in-store, online, or both. To use it, you must have multi-location enabled in store settings.

While Shopify POS is available for all Shopify plans, POS Pro offers you extra features for an additional monthly fee. Pro features are available for a 14 day free trial when you start using Shopify POS.

Sales and Marketing Channels

Shopify allows you to increase sales through wine clubs/subscriptions. You can also sell through social channels, such as Instagram and YouTube.

If you have any legal questions regarding selling wine with Shopify, please contact a lawyer. Neither Shopify nor Fyresite can provide legal advice or counsel.

Interested in Selling Wine With Shopify?

If you are interested in selling wine with Shopify and not a current Shopify merchant, you can reach out to a Shopify Plus Partner, like Fyresite, to see if it would be a good fit for you.

If you are currently a Shopify merchant and want to have help optimizing your shop for Shopify for Wine, including the possibility of upgrading to Shopify Plus, you can contact a Shopify Plus partner, like Fyresite.

To partner with Fyresite and see if we’re a fit for you, use this affiliate link.