When it comes to selling CBD via eCommerce, it can be hard to navigate where and when you can sell it and how to make sure you’re staying legally compliant. Fyresite has written this guide so you can know when you can – and can’t – sell CBD on Shopify.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a by-product of hemp. Hemp is a type of plant in the cannabis sativa plant species. While it does not produce high amounts of THC, it is capable of producing high amounts of CBD.

Can I sell CBD on Shopify?

Short answer? It’s complicated. The long answer is that you can as long as certain criteria are met.

Your shop must review and submit an Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. This Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products is only required for stores that are based in the United States.

While not required by Shopify, it is recommended that you obtain legal counsel to make sure you are legally compliant while selling CBD. Federal, state, and local laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure you keep your business compliant on all levels.

What Restrictions Are There For Selling CBD on Shopify?

Because of the ever changing laws and regulations regarding CBD, there are certain restrictions to selling CBD on Shopify.

Payment Method

CBD products are not allowed to be sold using Shopify Payments as the payment processor. You will have to use a third-party gateway that supports the sale of hemp and hemp derivative products such as CBD. The requirements for approval may vary based on the payment gateway. Bankful and DigiPay are two Shopify-recommended gateways.


When selling CBD on Shopify, you can only send notifications about your products and shops by email. This means that you are not allowed to send SMS text messages regarding CBD. In order to sell CBD products on Shopify, you will have to disable SMS notifications.

To do this from your desktop, you will have to go into your Shopify Admin. From there, go to Settings, then Checkout. In Customer contact, select Customers can only check out using email.

To disable shipping updates by SMS, uncheck Customers can choose to add a phone number or email to receive shipping updates after they complete their order. Click Save to keep all changes.

FAQs For Selling CBD on Shopify

When it comes to selling something with so many different hoops to jump through, there are bound to be questions.

What if I Want to Sell CBD but I am Not a United States Merchant?

The majority of this blog deals with the legality of selling CBD and other hemp/hemp derived products on Shopify in the US. If you want to sell CBD in Canada, you must be a Shopify Plus merchant and a licensed cannabis seller.

Can I Sell CBD in My Current Store?

You can sell CBD in your current store as long as your payment gateway permits it. Again, Shopify Payments does not currently support the sale of CBD products.

If you use Shopify Payments in your current store and wish to continue doing so, you can not sell CBD products in that store. You can, however, add a link to a separate store for CBD products to your current store, provided that the CBD store is legally compliant.

What Shipping Service Can I Use?

You can use any shipping service that allows the delivery of CBD and hemp products. It is your responsibility to verify that the carrier will accept and deliver the package. You can use Shopify Shipping as long as the chosen carrier allows the delivery of CBD.

Where Can I Sell My CBD Products?

Due to the constantly evolving laws regarding CBD and hemp products, you are responsible for making sure that you’re legally compliant and have contacted a lawyer if you so choose.

After you’ve determined where you can sell your products, you can ensure that only customers from certain states can receive your products by editing your shipping zones.

Ready to Start Your Shopify Journey?

Now that you know when and how you can sell CBD on Shopify, are you ready to start your journey? Contact Fyresite or use our affiliate link to get started today!