Whether you’re looking to sort the products you offer, or are looking to launch limited-time collections, you can do so with Shopify using collections. Wondering how and what kinds you can do? Arizona’s first Shopify Plus PartnerFyresite has written this guide to go over any questions you have.

What Are Shopify Collections?

Shopify Collections are grouped products. These products are typically grouped by theme, type, season, price, or even color.

Within Shopify, you can choose what collections to create. Collections are great because they help connect your customers with what they are looking for. Collections can also make it easier to use breadcrumb navigation, which is valuable to technical SEO.

What Type of Collections Does Shopify Offer

There are two types of collections that you can use to create your own collections in Shopify. They are automated and manual.

Automated Collections

Automated collections are collections that are generated by conditions. Using these conditions (each collection allows up to 60), you can note if a product needs to meet one or all the conditions to be added. The products that fulfill the necessary conditions are automatically added to the collection.


When you use automated collections, any product you have that fulfills the conditions is automatically added to the collection. That means that you don’t have to add every individual item as it comes up, saving you time that can be spent with other priorities.


Since automated collections automatically add products, you can’t remove items individually. To remove a specific product, you have to either change the conditions of the collection or edit the product details so they no longer fulfill the collection criteria. This can become time consuming in its own right.

Manual Collections

Unlike automatic collections, every product that is added to a manual collection is added by hand.


Ideal for small, hand curated collections, manual collections mean that you can control every product that is in the collection at all times. Manual collections are also recommended for most flash sales.


If you are looking to curate a large collection, a manual collection will take more time and may become burdensome to manage.

How Do I Create a Shopify Collection?

To create a collection, you need to go through your Shopify Admin. Here, you can create, delete, edit, and view collections. Here, you can also adjust what sales channels your collection will appear on.

While making the collection, you will make the choice to make it a manual or automatic collection. However, once you have set a collection as one of these, you can not change it, so be sure ahead of time which one is best for you needs.

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