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Barrett Plastic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Barrett is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose, and body.




PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

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Project Details

Dr. Barrett came to our web development agency seeking a digital version of the service he offers to his patients.  Namely, a complete overhaul and redesign of his website. First we reviewed detailed information on Dr. Barrett’s practice, services, and patient demographics.  After that we started developing a custom WordPress theme with full page navigation.  The design is focused on both providing valuable informational content and encouraging conversions for potential patients.

Our in-house web design professionals and WordPress development team utilized Sketch for graphic design services and UI/UX engineering. InVision software was leveraged for prototyping and the website was eventually developed into a fully custom responsive WordPress theme following the detailed technical specification created in close collaboration with Dr. Barrett and his team. With mobile website design and optimal user experience (UX) at the forefront of our design process, our custom WordPress theme helps ensure that Dr. Barrett’s practice captures as many potential leads coming in to his website as possible – regardless of how prospective patients find his business. The addition of a web-based virtual consultation module to streamline patient conversion and onboarding, along with robust content relevant to his industry, have helped Dr. Barrett maximize reach with his target audience and present an authentic and engaging website that resonates with patients.

By incorporating custom menus that highlight Dr. Barrett’s many procedural offerings, an interactive “Before and After” image gallery of his work, and implementing a simple custom contact form to maximize web leads – Fyresite has been able to help Dr. Barrett grow his business and maintain his position as a Top 10 ranked Cosmetic Surgeon on Yelp in the upscale and competitive Beverly Hills market.

Responsive Design

The website was developed with a mobile-first design with full page navigation utilizing Sketch for UI/UX Design, InVision for prototyping and eventually developed into a custom Wordpress theme.

Complete Wordpress Integration

Dr. Barrett's website is a fully integrated custom Wordpress theme developed by Fyresite that is easily managed by the client and his team through the Wordpress Admin Dashboard.

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