Scottsdale’s reputation as a world-class resort destination is well known, but the tech community is taking Scottsdale by storm! Scottsdale has become a land of Software and Technology. The ideal academic, economic and weather conditions create the perfect storm for  innovation to flourish. The last decade has shown exponential growth. Ask any Arizona Native and they will tell about having to take Pima Road because there was no 101, back in a day when Phoenix almost took on the name “Silicon Desert” because the likes of Motorola and Intel.

Thats right, Phoenix was almost called “Silicon Desert”, this was of course before South San Francisco and San Jose took on the name “Silicon Valley”. Back when Arizona held a leading position in the the microprocessor and integrate circuits world. Unfortunately, that phrase never became popular because the lack of economic incentive and increased offshore manufacturing changed the market. The Technology Industry can be volatile.

“We were once the Silicon Desert,” reminisces Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. “Back in the 1970s and 1980s, that’s what we were called.”

The Switch

While Phoenix remains a technology hub, the rise of Scottsdale has been a catalyst in the economic resurgence of aerospace, automotive, software, Web design and Applications, data centers, and biotechnology. Since switching its gears to a more digital focus, software and cloud based companies have flourished because of the academic talent coming from ASU and lower costs of living. In 2008, ASU opened Skysong, an emerging technology incubation center, whose sole focus was to put innovative graduates in touch with seasoned business professionals. The Skysong Collaboration could in fact be one of Scottsdale’s biggest assets and a necessity for sustaining future growth.

Digital Desert

We compiled a list of notable Web Design, Software & Technology Companies that solidify Scottsdale as the “Digital Desert”. This is what we came up with:

JDA Software
Informative Graphics Corporation
CA Technologies
Sage Software (Blackboard)

The backbone of Scottsdale’s economy is a very diverse, and incredibly entrepreneurial, collection of small and mid-size businesses. In fact, many of the corporate leaders who vacationed here also discovered a business community and a lifestyle ideal for a successful enterprise. You can play golf 300 days a year, in a metro that has over 250 courses. Scottsdale is the definition of work hard, play hard.

Other Noteable Technology Companies in the Phoenix Metro:

Applied Materials

General Dynamics