The Latest Web Development Trends of 2018

Mobile was huge in the recent trends of web development and if you haven’t already optimized your website for mobile then you are falling way behind. In late 2018, as businesses continue to grow, getting conversions is getting more difficult. The competition for catching a user’s attention is increasing at a dramatic rate as smarter tactics are born and implemented.

With that in mind, here are the latest trends in web development.

Landing Pages With Minimalistic Approach

Landing pages have gone from focusing on eye-catching text and images to being shorter and easier for users to digest information. In the past, content was important, but now landing pages are focusing on the bare minimum as most people don’t even read all the content. Update your landing pages to compelling templates with features, and increased CTAs focused on addressing any questions or problems a visitor may have.

Static Site Generator

If you have dynamic site content then you should consider using one of the many static site generator tools to turn it into a static site. Implementing this tool keeps costs low and increases site speed which is important for SEO and bounce rate.

Hero Images and Videos

Many top brands have implemented hero images and videos on their home page, which can be in the form of a featured product or service with a happy customer. Since visuals are faster to process for the human brain, this trend has proven to be effective and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Interactive Live Chat

Having live chat on your website is a super effective way to engage with visitors and optimize user experience. It eliminates the tedious task visitors take on navigating your site looking for what they need when instead they can get answers right away.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is one of the biggest web design trends. Visitors appreciate less complex websites. Opting for white space, eye catching colors here and there and simple icons and images that are clear and to the point work wonders.

Mobile-First Approach

Design your website as if it were an app. Mobile app use only gets higher every day. It is important to focus on implementing design changes intended to be viewed on mobile in a smooth and sophisticated way and which gives users the best user experience possible.

Updated Motion UI Features

Use updated motion UI features to make your website more engaging for users. Updated motion UI features offer better transition options, animation queuing and flexible CSS patterns. You’ll definitely be hearing more about this trend in the next year.

Focus on RAIL for UX

RAIL which stands for Response, Animation, Idle and Load are the four primary functions that define a website’s UX. Focusing on RAIL to optimize user experience is essential. It implements the important actions users must take on a website, sets specific goals based on critical actions taken by users and allows performance factors of your website to be taken into account.