Big companies need to stay on the cutting edge of innovation to remain relevant. Whether that means improving your existing infrastructure or developing entirely new applications, keeping up with the times can be tricky. Luckily, Amazon Web Services, or AWS, makes the nitty-gritty infrastructure work easy by offering the building blocks of an app as a service. Here are the ten most useful AWS services for your enterprise.

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1. Amazon S3

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With such strong security at such a low cost, it’s no wonder that Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or S3, is one of the most popular AWS services amongst enterprises. S3 stores your cloud data in three separate physical locations at an extremely low cost. Even better, you can access this data with next to zero latency. The deal is almost too good to be true! As a result, S3 attracts big names like Netflix, which uses S3 to store billions of hours of content, and GE Healthcare, which uses S3 to safely secure sensitive information.

2. Amazon EMR


Is your enterprise working on machine learning, data transformations, bioinformatics, or some other project that requires you to deal with petabytes of data? Stop worrying about time-consuming setup and maintenance. Amazon Elastic MapReduce, or EMR, handles the hard work so your team can focus on data analysis. Since EMR is cheaper than on-premise clusters, companies like Expedia and the Nasdaq Group use it to process streams of data from across the globe.

3. Redshift

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Redshift is the most popular and fastest data warehouse available, bragging twice the speed of its next fastest competitor. It queries data directly into S3 and charges you only for what you use. As a result, big enterprises like Comcast, McDonald’s, Nasdaq, and Lyft all use Redshift.

4. VPC

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VPC is the simple, secure, and scalable solution for your cloud projects. Whether you need to host a website or revamp your IT resources, VPC allows you to house these projects in a completely isolated network. Since it is both stable and easy to use, VPC is extremely popular across industries. Comcast used it to extend their datacenter, Expedia uses it to house their front and backend stacks, and the Nasdaq group uses it to protect sensitive data. No matter the industry, VPC is essential for any secure cloud environment.

5. Amazon CloudSearch

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If you need a managed searching solution for your website or application, CloudSearch is the choice for you. CloudSearch is compatible with 34 languages and comes with useful features such as highlighting, autocomplete, and geospatial search, attracting large enterprises like National Geographic and News UK. CloudSearch is especially useful for media enterprises that want to create searchable cloud databases.

6. AWS IoT Core

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Amazon’s IoT Core Platform is a managed cloud service that allows devices to easily connect to cloud-based applications and other devices. Any enterprise developing appliances needs to consider this service. Not only does it connect iRobot devices to the mobile app, but it also enabled LG to cut management time and saved 80% on development costs.

7. AWS Lambda

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Sometimes, servers are not the best option for a project. That’s why Lambda’s pay-as-you-go model is as important for large enterprises as it is for smaller companies. Coca-Cola uses Lambda for their app prototypes, saving them time and money. Lambda is even easier for companies using Amazon’s IoT Core. Enterprises like iRobot use Lambda alongside IoT to develop low-cost serverless backend solutions for mobile apps. Keep reading about how Fyresite can get your mobile application off the ground.

8. EC2

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With EC2, you can create several virtual instances without having to worry about on-premise physical servers. Each instance is heavily-customizable, so you can optimize each instance for a different purpose. Netflix, for instance, runs several instances for different purposes to boost performance and save money. But it’s not just Netflix that loves EC2. GE Appliances credits the EC2 system manager for increasing real-time visibility from 0 to 100%.

9. Elasticache

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Elasticache is small and mighty. As Adobe discovered while improving the performance of Creative Cloud, Elasticahce functions beautifully as a shared cache layer between instances. But more importantly, Elasticahce speeds up read-heavy and compute-intensive workloads. That means that if your enterprise wants to improve their eCommerce solutions, Elasticahce is the way to go. Thanks to Elasticache, the McDonald’s Corporation point-of-sale (POS) system beat performance targets by 66% and easily handled nearly 9000 customers per second. Learn more about what Fyresite can do for your eCommerce infrastructure.

10. Autoscaling

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Want your marketing strategy to be more agile? Autoscaling is the solution for you. While Amazon manages a fleet of servers in the background, your website can manage any amount of traffic. Large enterprises like Unilever use this service to expedite marketing campaigns. Since EC2 instances will scale based on the amount of traffic you receive, you don’t need to worry about your next pilot campaign growing too big.

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