A bad landscaping website isn’t just a missed opportunity; it’s a business catastrophe. Landscaping websites generate leads, boost credibility, and rank on local google searches. That templated website just doesn’t cut it.

Need to redo a landscaping website? Use these eleven for inspiration.

1) Renew Garden Care & Consulting

Renew is a California-based landscaping company specializing in research, design, and maintenance. They embrace the unique features of every piece of land to make one-of-a-kind arrangements.

Renew turns the standard website layout on its head, but in a controlled, precise manner. Scrolling over an image reveals the page title, and clicking it starts an animated transition into the page. The design is earthy and the design stands out.

2) Carrington Lawn & Landscape

Carrington Lawn & Landscape is a commercial and residential landscaping business in Wisconsin. They prioritize premium services and quality relationships.

This landscaping website gets everything right with an extra touch of love. The creative test and smiling faces add a warm, relaxing touch. The services are clear, the navigation is simple, and the occasional splash of green ads a nice touch of life.

3) Highlands Landscaping

Highlands Landscaping is a family-run landscaping company in Denver, Colorado. They work hard to make the customer experience as great as possible, even partnering with the Better Business Bureau to educate consumers about ethical landscaping.

The Highlands website is simple, but extremely effective. They feature their work and a social proof seal immediately before photos of their team. A call to action button and header wpuld be nice, but at its core, every landscaping website needs at least these features.

4) Anderson Landscape Maintenance

Anderson Landscape Maintenance is a small, but mighty landscaping company in Portland, Oregon. Since its founding in 2006, Anderson Landscape Maintenance has become one of the foremost trees and lawn care companies in the Greater Portland Area.

This website has especially strong social proof. The landing page opens with two Thumbtack awards, several testimonials, and other awards. Each one established credibility, which leads to sales.

5) Green Options

Green Options is an Australian landscaping company focused on award-winning quality service.

The website uses strong, green-and-white coloration with a unique, well-branded image. The floating, circular lawns make the website especially memorable.

6) Hess Landscape Architects

Hess Landscape Architects is a Pennsylvania landscape design firm with a strong artistic vision. They work with interior designers and architects to create truly unique designs.

Hess‘ artistic drive is shown brilliantly on the website. Their projects are featured directly on the homepage to encourage customers to view the portfolio.

7) Manscapers New York

Manscapers NY is a Brooklyn-based landscaping and exterior design company. They embrace the outdoor living of New York City in each full-service design.

Manscapers put stunning photographs of their designs right on the homepage with arrows for easy scrolling. Clickable images would make this website near perfect.

8) Candide Contractor

Candide Contractor is a Connecticut landscape design and construction company specializing in maintenance and waterworks.

The website maintains a professional, minimalist look with a green serif font, large images, and ample calls to action. A pond featured image may be more effective since most of their services involve waterworks, but otherwise, it is a great landscaping website.

9) Twisted Oak Landscaping

Twisted Oak Landscaping is an Ontatio-based landscaping company handing a large range of landscaping and gardening services. They focus on customer satisfaction above all else.

While most landscaping websites use a white and green color scheme, Twisted Oak employs a refreshing black and gold one that builds a sense of regal luxury and makes the light fixtures in their photos pop.

10) The Great Canadian Landscaping Company

The Great Canadian Landscaping Company is . . . well, a great canadian landscaping company. This Vancouver-based business evolved from a small maintenance company to a bigger, well-branded full service company.

This website has great branding. It uses frequent Canadian motifs, but also takes on a bold, red look of its own. It’s a great balance for a Great Canadian Landscaping Company.

11) Seattle Urban Farm Company

Seattle Urban Farm Company specializes in urban gardens. Their mission is to bring sustainable agriculture to the city, yielding beautiful, edible landscapes.

The website design seems pretty standard until one realizes that the image features an urban farm. The minimalist design brings out the homey cottage-like images and gives the entire landscaping website a well-rounded feel.

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