Launching a website may feel like the end of the web development process, but in actuality, it’s only the beginning. After all, the continuous success of your business depends on the longevity of your website. Without consistent upkeep, your website will inevitably cease to function properly. However, there’s no need to worry, because Fyresite’s diligent maintenance process keeps your website updated. Here are some of the steps we take to keep your website alive.

Annual Maintenance Tasks

Perform User Tests

Your website was constructed around the user, so it must remain human-focused and intuitive at all times. To check up on your website’s usability, our team tests your website as a user to locate any new problems that need to be patched. User testing is a great way to find broken links, dated content, grammar mistakes, bugs, errors, and features that no longer function properly.

Modernize Your Copy

Your homepage should not boast ten years of service if your company has been around for eleven. That’s why any date-specific content needs to be updated.

Modernizing your copy does not stop at changing dates. If your website contains legal disclaimers, for instance, your content should reflect the most up-to-date version of the law. Any content that references a fixed point in time should be updated.

Renew Your Domain

After a year, your domain will expire. Failing to renew it will spell disaster for your website. However, putting a post-it on your calendar isn’t enough. We recommend alerts or auto-renewal services.

Check Browser Compatibility

Over time, certain browsers may no longer support certain technology. Just to be safe, we check that your website is compatible with major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Test Forms

If a form isn’t working, you could potentially lose a valuable customer. To protect your sales, we frequently test all forms and points of sale. These tests should occur after every update to prevent any loss of revenue if a problem arises.

Update Your Software

Updates may seem trivial, but they are absolutely crucial for keeping your website secure. Many WordPress updates include important security patches, so failing to install updates leaves your website vulnerable to hackers. However, we keep your website secure by frequently updating software and tracking bugs and errors.

Back-Up Everything

Backups are the cheapest and easiest form of “insurance” you can possibly get for your website. After all, backing up your files and databases can save you from an extremely expensive and time-consuming disaster down the road. However, all the information needs to be retrievable at a moment’s notice. That’s why all backups must be frequently tested.

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Check Analytics

Your website’s performance is a major priority. That’s why we establish and measure benchmarks called key performance indicators, or KPIs. By tracking these variables, we can identify trends before they become problems and react accordingly.
We also check how your website ranks on search engines. Errors and broken links may impact your ratings and analytics, so regularly tracking this information can save you time and money.

Remove Broken Links

Broken links are inevitable because no page sticks around forever. If your website contains an external link to a page that no longer exists, users will get a “404” message and may leave your website. However, several tools will crawl your website to find broken links as they appear. If a link no longer functions, we will remove it.

Maintenance is an ongoing process in the website-creation cycle. To learn more about how we build high-quality websites that last, contact us or call us at 888.221.6509.