We all know that a website is crucial in the food industry, especially if you are trying to fully satisfy your clients.

If a customer is looking for your website, they are trying to find information before they make their decision to eat there.

As a result, every successful restaurant’s website should at least have:

  • Updated hours of operation
  • Locations
  • Listed delivery options (is the restaurant: take-out, dine-in, pick-up)
  • Current Menu
  • Photos of menu items
  • Links to social media and other relevant platforms

Phoenix has many local restaurants with beautiful website designs. Because of these designs, their customers are happy and more keep coming.


These 11 local restaurant website design examples are great inspiration for any restaurant.

1. The Churchill

More than just a restaurant, this business is an experience. The Churchill goes beyond typical dining, so the website has to reflect its unique qualities.

Churchill’s landing page sets a beautiful example of what a breathtaking website looks like.

While keeping it simple, the navigation is intuitive enough to lead you to where you are looking.

This navigational toolbar is super successful. A new trend is using one perfectly-described word as a reflection of everything on that page.

The Churchill has a number of vendors within their space. When you click on “Members”, you see which vendors are there, their missions, and everything they serve.

The pop-ups even include links to the vendors social media. Everything was made with great intent.

There are even subtleties within the design which tie in local importance.

Just like the famous four corners of Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, this design represents significance within the area.

Because of all this, The Churchill is one of the most successful local restaurant website design examples.

2. Bread and Honey House

Really from the get go, Bread and Honey House has a killer website that hits a vast demographic.

This revolving homepage provides rich information in a pleasing way that isn’t overwhelming.

As you scroll down, you get to learn more about the establishment and why you should eat there.

It’s a great way to help customers navigate and show off signature dishes.

They also insert Yelp reviews into their website for better credibility.

One way Bread and Honey House takes their website over the top is by having a fully functional ordering system on their website.

In a fast and secure way, you can pick how you would like to receive your food and then order it through their website.

Customers these days don’t like downloading additional apps for these services, so hosting it through the website is a success for sure.

3. Hula’s Modern Tiki

The Design for Hula’s Modern Tiki is incredible. Between the colors, layout, and features, the website experience reflects the experience you’ll get at their restaurant.

Based on the homepage, the customer can already assume

  • What kind of dining experience someone would receive
  • The price range of the restaurant
  • Menu items and other tastes of the restaurant

These descriptive images link you to different menu pages. Brilliant!

And to end it all, Hula’s Modern Tiki ends their website with a flare of their character, a newsletter, and some lasting information.

This website design for these Phoenix local restaurants is spot on and is sure to appeal to their targeted audience. Hula’s Modern Tiki is one of the best local restaurant website design examples.

4. St. Francis

Starting off strong, St. Francis has a beautiful video that pleases the eye of any customer as soon as they open the homepage.


With the optional sound toggle at the bottom corner, this website takes consumer wants into consideration.

Their website also adds local flare with a section explaining their history.

Incorporating photos into design is a great way to tie a website together. Notice how the color of the salmon was sampled to be used as the background for that section.

Lastly, since the local restaurant wants to find local people to join their team, they have a “work with us” section where you can fully apply online.

St. Francis has a really great website that is wonderful for any potential customer.

5. Beckett’s Table

This website immediately gives off cozy-homey vibes while also looking like an awesome place to enjoy a meal with your family or friends.

This website has a beautiful layout that would please any customer. The designs within the layout mirror what you’d expect dining at Beckett’s Table.

To show off their local charm, the website has areas that tell their story and why they are a part of the community.

In this single space, Beckett’s Table has listed their hours, ways to order their food, and everything else you might need.

And if you are interested in attending events, they also find a charm in displaying dates.

Beckett’s Table has a website that really appeals to local charm. Thats why they are one of the best Arizona local restaurant website design examples.

6. The Kettle Black

This website from The Kettle Black is as simple as simple can get.

In an organized way, relevant information is displayed and you can quickly find anything you’re looking for.

Even though there isn’t any features or external pages, you can get a grip of the restaurants character and still know everything you need to. This website is a success.

7. Feeney’s Restaurant

This local restaurant’s website design is super unique.

Not only is this landing page super cool, but the navigation is super easy and super intuitive.

With the rest of the pages having the same background and layout, Feeney’s Squarespace website has a unison that ties everything together.

8. Culinary Dropout 

You can really feel the vibrance of the restaurant even through Culinary Dropout’s website.

It would be super easy to just upload their menu and call it a day. Instead, Culinary Dropout creates a cute little area to entice the customer and show off their food.

And to top it all off, the Culinary Dropout has a section devoted to location, time, hours, and happy hours.


This is an awesome example of restaurant website designs made to please customers.

9. Restaurant Progress

This local restaurant website design example is proof that simplicity can go a long way.

With the address and other important information right at the top, Restaurant Progress shows they know how to prioritize.

A lot of eCommerce businesses feature a Q&A but it is hardly seen in the restaurant website industry. The way that Restaurant Progress designed this is beautiful and rich with relevant information.

To entice more local business, Restaurant Progress shows off the owner and the mission of the business. This awesome final touch is one of the reasons why we like this local restaurant website design example.

The Best of the Best

Local restaurants always have a certain feel to them. Having a website should reflect that and honor it by using that to bring in more customers.

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