Opening your eCommerce store is smart because it expands your reach to new clients. Whether you choose Shopify, WordPress, or any other platform, selling your goods online can be such a rewarding experience. However, if you are not conscious of how to bring more customers in, odds are that your viewers will stay stagnant or even go down. That is why you should always look for refreshers on eCommerce website design trends that will help boost traffic.

As we’re hitting the middle of 2021, tons of trends have already come to pass, but we are already seeing successes in a new wave of trends. Here are six eCommerce website design trends that will help get your store more traffic.

1. Making the Most of your Homepage

This is number one for the simplest reason: Your homepage is make it or break it for your potential customers.

Off the bat, your homepage should contain the name of your company or business, your purpose, and your viewers purpose in order to keep them satisfied.

Flwr is a great example of creating an inviting space that is welcoming to all website visitors.

Make your homepage work for your ecommerce store!

In a clean and simple way, they have stated everything you need to know about their business and how to navigate their website. All the fonts chosen reflect on flwr, so to match their brand and enhance their product, they have subtle fonts with minimalistic design.

There are a surprising number of businesses today that lose focus on creating an experience for their customers and end up scaring them away with annoying pop-ups and overly flashy sales.

Sure, bringing products immediately to customers isn’t a bad thing, but this is creating more of a space for ads than customers.

Let’s take this homepage for example. How does it make you feel?

Creating a safe space for customers is so important. Otherwise, when marketed like this, customers can feel ambushed.

Now take a look at this webpage created by Porter and York.

Porter and York uses

Wordpress for their eCommerce website and does a great job of navigating any potential customer that enters their website.

Because of the navigational bar at the top of the landing page, you are able to see everything Porter and York have to offer. From the first few seconds you enter the website, you immediately know where you want to be.

Remember, first impressions are hard to change… So create a killer homepage that builds the brand and brings you customers. Don’t get bogged down by overselling.

2. An Experience like No Other

With trends coming and going, using personalization has proven to be very popular and effective in obtaining and sustaining business.

Buyers like it because personalization streamlines the stopping experience by guiding them towards products that best suit their needs.

Sellers love it because you get to learn your customers habits and preferences, guiding you in how you should best shape their experiences.

One way to create personalization is by offering a quiz. Cosmetics and dermatology have been all over this trend because of how well it works for their industry.

To guide viewers to products they’ll want to see, Soko Glam can do it within a few clicks.

When viewers fill out their quiz, Soko Glam can gather information to help guide viewers, and viewers can easily find the best-fitting products.

They even go a step further in personalization by offering a 1 : 1 consultation with their team.

Personalizations can also even be as simple as having a toggle between light and dark mode. Having ways to make the user feel more in control will help build a good repour.

If you are wanting eCommerce website design trends that helps build relationships with your customers, personalization is the way to go.

3. Micro-Interactions

If you are looking for a simple, fun way to engage your customers, you’ve found the ultimate eCommerce website design trend: Micro-interactions.

Micro-interactions are basically meant to be a subtle signal to the user that helps guide them through actions. And this can be done a number of ways!

dropdown for fabrics on PrintSaveRepeat

Print Save Repeat uses micro-interactions to give context to certain fabrics.

By using micro-interactions to relay this extra information, you are designing in a way that doesn’t weigh down users with too much content.

Micro-Interactions can also be used to aesthetically make a point.

How cute is that design? “Order Placed” can get the point across, but the t-shirt cannon is so much better.

When thinking about designing your eCommerce store, think about adding micro-interactions to help customers along their journey. Rewarding their experience with a pleasing interaction is the icing on the cake.

4. Visual Commerce

Did you know that 3D Product images increase customer conversions by 250%.

Visual commerce gives the customer an intimate experience with the product so that they are familiar and comfortable with what they are purchasing.

Away 3D Product Images

This example comes from Away’s eCommerce store.

Having this visual element can help customers visualize themselves with the product.

If you are wanting a few ideas on how to incorporate visual commerce into your eCommerce website design, try incorporating:

The Gruen effect is used in brick and mortar stores so that products are placed in the most pleasing way to get greater turnover for customers. This is taking that theory and applying it online.

If you want a trend that has proven successful with in-person shopping, try adding visual commerce to your eCommerce website design.

5. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Scrolling

Considering that the mobile market accounts for over half of online purchases, it is really important to have a design that is friendly to those users.

Most trends tend to have a shelf-life, but mobile friendly eCommerce is expected to keep growing because of demand.

One growing eCommerce website design trend is taking account of the “Thumb Zone

The Thumb Zone is where mobile users are most comfortable with scrolling and making actions. If a user has to stretch or reach, they may feel more inclined to shop somewhere else.

Caption: Here is where users are most comfortable making actions. Image is courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

Thumb zones are a clear marker of design that is naturally more intuitive. Insane Boats has an awesome website and translates very well on mobile.

A lovely homepage that you land on. This gives you all the information you need to know about their website and business.

Here is how they translated their homepage to mobile. Has a navigational sidebar, clean easy layout, and keeps the spirit of the brand.

More than just their homepage, even the product pages have awesome mobile layouts.

Insane Boats Product page. With this intuitive layout and category pages, you are able to find what you need with ease.

Here is how they displayed the same products but on their mobile website. Easy, simple, beautiful.


6. Simple and Sleek Checkout

If you are having issues with people leaving their bag and not purchasing items, you may have issues within your checkout.

Common issues that drive away potential customers include:

  • Complex process that forces extra effort
  • Forced account creation
  • Concerns over security
  • Limited shipping options
  • Surprise charges
  • Performance issues

This may look like a long list but it all boils down to one point. Customers like it simple. Having a secure checkout with only a few easy clicks is all you need.

Myntra does this wonderfully. With this sleek layout, customers can apply coupons and place their orders all within one space.

Bellroy solves a lot of customer issues just by having their entire checkout on one page.

Once you reach the checkout page, you are shown everything you need to know and when you are done, you’re done. Bellroy knows how to do it right.

Final Thoughts

When looking for ecommerce website design trends, the majority of 2021’s most successful trends are all about engagement and customer comfort.

Implementing these trends can help your ecommerce business grow and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

If you want help creating your own ecommerce website or are interested in giving yours a makeover, reach out to Fyresite today and see how we can help.

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