2023 was a blockbuster year for us here at Fyresite. We reached new heights – for us and our clients. Come take a trip down memory lane with us!

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Fyresite’s 2023 started out strong with the launch of Billiards. The first of three sister sites, Billiards sells everything you need for the game, from accessories to the tables. Located in Oregon and selling nationally, they have everything you could possibly need, whether you’re a casual player or a business looking to add some pizazz.

Touchstone Imaging

While our team gets to examine the inner workings of websites and apps, Touchstone Imaging helps patients see the inner workings of their own body. Offering imaging from x-rays to bone density scans, this WordPress site makes it easy for doctors and patients alike to get the support they need.


Home to one of Fyresite’s favorite logos, Pooltables is the site for those who are serious about their pool playing. Every aspect of a pool table can be purchased here, along with helpful guides that walk you through every step of the pool table buying process.


The last of the three sister sites, Darts sells more than the name might imply. This site makes all your game night dreams come true, selling everything you need from air hockey tables to cornhole, and yes, dart boards.

NIS America

Did you know that many members of the Fyresite team are gamers in their off-time? That’s why we were so excited to launch this site in summer. When making this site, one of our main goals was to make a site that could handle quick changes, as games went from pre-order to live!

Torres Multicultural Center

While we work with companies from all over the map, we love working with our local Arizona companies! Torres Multicultural Center is one of them. Headquartered in Downtown Phoenix, we were honored to make this site for Arizona’s largest multicultural marketing communications agency.


Being an agency in the eCommerce space means that we get the chance to work with so many great merchants that are located all over the US. ICIA is one of them. ICIA, or the Indiana Crop Improvement Association, needed a site to be their headquarters, to explain who they are, what they do, and a place for members to log in.


Diagnostic imaging is a gateway to health, and Gateway Diagnostic Imaging needed a gateway to a great website. That’s where we came in. We built a site that’s easy to navigate for patients and providers, that easily shows locations, services, and even allows for hassle-free booking.


Denali Waste Solutions is on a mission to make the Earth greener. They are a leader in the waste recycling industry, and needed a website to reflect that. When Fyresite heard this, we jumped at the opportunity. We made a website as clean and functional as they’re making the Earth.


Another Arizona local company, Fyresite was proud to make this site come to life. This company “moves companies forward”, with services that match them with perfect office furniture, as well as relocation. And they use the latest technology (like a Fyresite-built website!) to help them do it.


We finished out the year with a project that is close to our hearts. ProPlaintiff AI is an AI app that helps attorneys draft demand letters. By automating this process, attorneys can spend more time working on other aspects of their job.

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