With 2023 done and behind us, it’s time to look ahead. We’ve rounded up what our Fyresite experts forsee for 2024 trends – and which trends are out.

IN: One Page ECommerce Sites

In 2024, we expect to see more eCommerce sites abandon traditional set-ups in favor of a one-page site. Homepages will become more like catalogs for the brand rather than an informational page.

With a one-page eCommerce site, potential customers will be guided through the conversion funnel in one smooth journey.

OUT: Paying for Individual ECommerce Features

While there are some times we know paying for plug-ins to help with eCommerce is better, like when you’re a marketing site selling one or two products, we think it’s time major brands stopped paying for every feature.

If you’re selling many products or generating a lot of revenue, 2024 is the time to say goodbye to paying for every feature you need for eCommerce individually. Instead, it’s time to move to a full-service eCommerce platform, like Shopify.

IN: Virtual Reality Spatial Design

In the last few years, it’s undeniable that virtual reality (VR) has opened a whole new world (pun intended). As VR has made strides, so has the need for our next trend – spatial design.

Image Courtesy of Apple.com

Spatial design is the practice of optimizing spaces, which in this case are virtual, for functionality, user experience, and aesthetic. With new devices such as the Vision Pro coming out soon, spatial design and designers for VR are going to be in high demand.

OUT: Fake Reviews

In our opinion, this is one trend that should never be in. ECommerce merchants, especially for new sites or products, may be tempted to add fake reviews to bolster their reputation or make products look more appealing. Don’t.

Fake reviews can harm your reputation, your audience’s trust in you, your SEO, and can even get a company into legal trouble.

IN: Animated and Interactive 3D graphics Using Spline

Spline is a free, browser-based, collaborative 3D design tool. And it’s about to blow up.

Being free and browser-based means that it’s easily accessible, and being interactive means you can work on it with someone across the country in real time.

Since this requires no experience, all designers can try their hand at making animated and interactive 3D graphics.

OUT: Sites That Aren’t Mobile Responsive

The highest conversions happen on desktop, so a mobile responsive site isn’t important, right? Wrong. In 2024, it’s becoming even more important to have a mobile responsive site.

In 2022, mobile eCommerce sales surpassed 387 billion dollars. This is more than double what it was pre-pandemic in 2019, and it’s expected to only grow higher.

Nearly 85% of sites are mobile friendly, so if your site is not, you’re already giving your competitors a leg up.

IN: AI Design for Coding Platforms

AI really hit new heights in 2023, and we think the heights will only get higher in 2024. Outside of common AI uses, such as chat bots or personalized product recommendations, our Fyresite experts predict that using AI design for coding platforms will explode this year.

Using AI design to code platforms will greatly reduce the amount of time this essential task takes. Builder.io will turn Figma designs into code.
builder .io

OUT: Forced Account Creation

In theory, it sounds perfect. Someone wants to buy your product and is checking out. If they make an account, you can send them updates on your store, products they may love, and deals. It sounds perfect, but it’s not.

Forcing a potential customer to create an account in order to checkout can backfire, big time. Almost 25%, or one-fourth, of people will abandon their cart when they are told they need to create an account. In 2024, leave this trend in the past and make account creation optional.

IN: Expanding Social Media Selling

For the last few years, we’ve seen incredible growth in social media selling. In 2024, we’re expecting to see it grow into other social media platforms, notably TikTok. With the ability to sell directly through TikTok, or connect your Shopify store to your TikTok account and sell that way, the sky’s the limit for merchants looking to expand their social media selling.

We expect that Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and Pinterest selling will continue to grow.

OUT: Being Too Proud to Ask for Help

Whether you’re an eCommerce merchant, maintaining your marketing site, or running the next big app, you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to Fyresite today to see how a reputable web and app development company (and Arizona’s first Shopify Plus partner) can help you.