When you sell online, your eCommerce site is your home base. Chances are, you have never sold or thought about selling outside of your site shop. However, even with an amazing site (perhaps even designed and developed by Fyresite!) you can increase revenue and recognition by selling through other channels. As a Shopify merchant, you can utilize channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkpop to sell more.

YouTube Shop Selling

Selling using YouTube Shop Selling allows you to reach potential customers using their favorite medium – videos. Videos are consumers’ favorite type of content, making YouTube Shop a powerful selling tool. You can sell during live streams, instantly sync your products, and manage sales among your other Shopify channels. In order to use this channel, you must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, and have over 1000 subscribers and 4000 views. Our recommendation is to drop items during live streams. Dropping items during live streams increases exclusivity, making your customers feel special and care about your brand.


Twitter Selling

While selling on Twitter might be newer, Shopify Merchants have seen great results. For example, Trixie Cosmetics has noted a 116% increase in sales after connecting to Twitter. Twitter allows you to do a product spotlight, which would display 5 of your products under your bio, or you can also use the Twitter Shop, which will allow you to display 50 of your products in a scrollable shop, but currently only one or the other. Unfortunately, there are currently some restrictions. This is only available on mobile, in the US, and does not allow digital products, alcohol, or tobacco.

Utilize Channel: Twitter

Facebook Selling

While Facebook may not be as popular with potential customers under 25, there are still plenty of potential customers to reach. To sell on Facebook, you have to be selling in a country that allows the Facebook Shop feature, you need to have a Facebook page for your business, and a valid email address. In order to sell, you will need to have the Facebook channel installed. When your Facebook account is verified, you can select which items you would like to sell via Facebook. You can also link your Shopify store to the ‘Shop Now’ button.
Utilize Channel: Facebook

Instagram Selling

Instagram is highly popular in the 18-34 age range. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the same restrictions apply. This means that you will need a business Facebook account to be able to sell on Instagram. After you confirm your Facebook account, you will be able to choose which items you want to sell via Instagram.
Utilize Channel: Instagram


Linkpop is Shopify’s bio tool. Linkpop generates a landing page from a link that is accessible in your bio. You can use Linkpop in any bio, but the most common place is on Instagram. Using Linkpop, you can add many different links.

Utilize Channel: Linkpop

How Do I Know What Channel is Right For Me?

There are a lot of channels for social media selling, and it can be daunting to know which channel you will be most successful with. The secret to knowing where you’ll do best? Know your audience. Nobody knows your products like you do, and knowing what audience your products are geared towards will help you know which channel to use. For example, if your products are meant for the under 25 range, Facebook might not be the best place, but you may do very well on Instagram.

While you certainly can sell on all of these channels, Fyresite recommends that you start with only one or two you know your potential customer base will use. You can always branch out and add more channels at a later date.