As an agency with over a decade of experience under our belt, Fyresite has worked with many different eCommerce platforms. As a Shopify Plus Partner, Shopify Plus is one we’ve spent a lot of time with. Because of this, we know how important it is for companies to have a trained Shopify Plus developer. Want to know the secret? Read on!

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You Need A Shopify Plus Developer for… Harnessing Advanced Features

Shopify Plus is equipped with many advanced features for merchants to take advantage of. However, it’s important that these features are used the right way, so they help your site instead of hurt it. When you partner with a Shopify Plus trained developer, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your site is in good hands. But what advanced features do we mean?

Custom Integrations

When a business needs a solution that is made just for them, to solve a specific problem they have or to give a feature they want, they need a custom integration. When they want to make sure that the integration works, they need a Shopify Plus developer.

Custom Themes

Now, not every store needs a custom theme. If you’re curious about whether or not your store needs a custom theme, read what our expert developers recommend.
If you do end up needing a custom theme, you need a Shopify Plus developer to build it. A theme is integral to your website, and you want someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to make sure it’s fully optimized and flawless.
Shopify Plus Developer Customization examples

You Need a Shopify Plus Developer for…Scalability

Did you know that it’s estimated Amazon lost one MILLION dollars per minute when their site was down on Prime Day in 2018? And this outage lasted hours. The cause? Their site wasn’t prepared to handle the amount of customers they got that day. It wasn’t prepared for that scale.

Every merchant’s worst nightmare is having people that want to buy their product leave because their website fails. You need to have a website that scales, that can accommodate growing traffic when you need it to.

Shopify Plus is built to be scalable, with or without a developer. However, when you partner with a Shopify Plus developer, they can help with customizations for your specific business scaling needs.
Shopify Plus Scalability

You Need a Shopify Plus Developer for… User Optimization

If your users don’t like your site, they won’t stay around and check it out. No matter what conversion you’re targeting, you need people to like your site, and more importantly, be able to use it. As experts in the Shopify Plus space, Fyresite’s first step is always to run an UX/UI audit. By interrupting this user data, our Shopify Plus developers will know where to target and how to make it more functional for your users.

Optimizing Page Speed

Page speed is one of the single most important aspects of your shop. This is especially true for conversions. In fact, the highest conversion rate happens when a page loads within 1-2 seconds. On average, every additional second it takes your page to load decreases your conversion rate by 0.3%.

One big cause of slower page speed is excess code. Hiring a Shopify Plus developer means that your developer knows what code is necessary and what code is superfluous, optimizing your site for page speed.

Simplifying Navigation

You’re going to want a site with a streamlined experience if you want people to complete a purchase. Customers should know where to find the type of item they’re looking for. For example, if you’re selling clothing, they should be able to simply find clothing type, size, color, and be able to add it to cart.

A Shopify Plus developer is knowledgeable about both coding and Shopify’s back and front ends. With this knowledge, they can build intuitive and simple navigation for your customers.

You Need a Shopify Plus Developer for…Shopify Knowledge

There are many kinds of experts in the field of development. However, being an expert on one platform doesn’t make an expert on all platforms. If you want a developer who is an expert in Shopify, you need one of our Shopify Plus developers. This exclusive title isn’t given to just anyone – Shopify Plus partners are hand-picked by Shopify, specifically for their Shopify knowledge.


Shopify offers certifications that allow developers to sharpen their Shopify-specific development knowledge. The most important of these are Shopify Foundations and Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers.


There’s no substitute for experience. When looking for a Shopify Plus developer, one of, if not the, most important qualifier is a portfolio or case studies of previous Shopify Plus projects completed by the developer(s). This is actionable proof that you’re hiring expert developers who know what they’re doing.

You Need Fyresite for a Shopify Plus Developer

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