Did you know that May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month? Fyresite has compiled this list of AAPI merchants on Shopify so you can shop AAPI brands this month and every month.

Kulfi Beauty

This beauty company was founded when their founder, Priyanka Ganjoo, wanted makeup shades that were more diverse to both skin tones and undertones, and a focus on mental health. “Self-expression is closely tied to mental health. We donate to mental health organizations that serve the unique challenges faced by our communities,” they say on their website.


Sene has a new way to shop for clothes: sizeless. They are the first company to successfully sell sizeless clothes beyond the confines of the traditional men’s suits. To find the perfect fit without a size, you take their SmartFit quiz, and they custom make the clothes to fit. In less than two weeks, you have your new clothes!

Tower 28 Beauty

Tower 28 Beauty makes beauty for sensitive skin – specifically for those with eczema. Named after the lifeguard tower in Santa Monica, Tower 28 Beauty was founded on the principles of clean beauty and transparent business practices. In compliance with both EU and US beauty compliance regulations, Tower 28 was founded by a beauty executive who had had enough of only finding sensitive skin products from expensive, clinical places.

O-M Ceramics

This gorgeous ceramic work is all done in LA and sold on Shopify. Object – Manner Ceramics sells ceramics such as mugs, wall hangings, and more. They also do collaborations, from small local businesses to international businesses!


Need to stock up on groceries but can’t find your favorites in your local store? Enter Umanicart. Simply enter your zip code to see what asian groceries are available for delivery to you. They sell a large variety of products, including produce, noodles, and even utensils.

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee promises tradition with a twist. This woman-owned brand brings Vietnamese coffee to the masses. Those interested in Vietnamese coffee can shop ground coffee, single serve pour over coffee, creamers, lattes, and teas! Best of all, you can feel confident that you’re shopping sustainably.

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