Fyresite isn’t one of those huge corporations with thousands of nameless employees. Since our inception in 2009, our greatest asset has always been our employees. For our 14th anniversary, we’re introducing them to you!

Meet Eric

Eric is Fyresite’s Senior Designer! Since joining the Fyresite team in 2015, he has created innovative designs, both for our clients and our company. He had originally been at our Tempe office, but earlier this year embarked on a cross country road trip to move to his new home, making sure to stay in constant contact with Fyresite and our clients.

Senior Designer Eric

What’s Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked on At Fyresite?

“Working with the Galaktic Gang team was my all time favorite project because we got to build something with brand new technology,” answered Eric, “the client was super creative and open to a very experimental type of website design which led to an awesome product. The team was quick to work and respond to our process and had great collaboration with the client.”

Curious about this project? Read our case study to learn more about the project and what we did!

What’s the First Computer You Ever Used?

Eric told us that his first ever computer was a “Apple Power Mac 6200 from 1995.”

What’s A Fun Fact About Yourself?

Eric went further than telling us a fun fact – he told us a cute story from his childhood.

“When I was in elementary school I joined the school choir (mostly so I wouldn’t have to carry an instrument to school),” Eric began.

“In 5th grade I was given a solo during our yearly performance in front of the school. My choir teacher introduced me to the audience of my peers. ‘Alright everyone now we have a solo performance by Eric with his beautiful “unchanged” male voice. Take it away Eric!’

I was mortified, my friends all laughing at me loudly. I proceeded to sing my heart out to ‘Rockin Robin’ anyway…. and that’s showbiz baby,” Eric told us, proving his flair for the arts has been a part of him since grade school.

What Would Be Your Dream Job If You Weren’t a Senior Designer?

“I would want to be in a remote cabin in my workshop hand crafting bespoke luxury wood furniture,” said Eric.

What Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish You’d Been Given At The Start Of Your Career?

Eric told us that “perfection is unattainable, don’t be afraid to share your work at whatever level you are at.” We agree – if you wait to show your work until it’s perfect, you’ll never show it and you’ll miss out on valuable feedback.

If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would You Be?

“I’d like to be a frog!” was his answer.

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Learned At Fyresite?

“Out of everything I’ve learned at Fyresite, I’m most grateful to learn how to better interact with clients. Driving client meetings and managing expectations during the design process has been my biggest takeaway from my time at Fyresite,” our Senior Designer said. Fyresite prides ourself on our client relations, and that comes from every individual employee.

Come back everyday until Fyresite’s big 14th anniversary to learn more about the players that work in tandem to make your web and app dreams come true.