Fyresite isn’t one of those huge corporations with thousands of nameless employees. Since our inception in 2009, our greatest asset has always been our employees. For our 14th anniversary, we’re introducing them to you! 

Meet Jacob

Jacob is an amazing software engineer here at Fyresite, and has been since he joined our Fyresite family in May 2020.

What Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked On At Fyresite?

“SAARC Think Autism,” Jacob said, “because it was my first solo project and it had a lot of cool animations.”

What Was the First Computer Used?

“ASUS laptop,” Jacob told us.

What’s A Fun Fact About Yourself?

Jacob told us his favorite band is “ONE OK ROCK.”


What Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish You’d Been Given At The Start Of Your Career?

“How important being able to communicate effectively is,” said Jacob. We agree. Here at Fyresite, we put an emphasis on communication, both internally and with clients. It’s what makes us an impactive company, because no one wants a web and app company they can’t reach.

If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would You Be?

“An eagle,” he responded. Who wouldn’t want to be able to soar the sky and feel the air beneath their wings?

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Learned At Fyresite?

Jacob told us he learned about”working as a team to build software products.” That’s what we like to hear from a software engineer! Group projects may have been a nightmare for many in school, but at Fyresite, it’s an exciting opportunity to learn new skills and bounce ideas off of other creatives. Our team is what makes us strong, no matter what role they’re in!

Come back everyday until Fyresite’s big 14th anniversary to learn more about the players that work in tandem to make your web and app dreams come true.