Fyresite isn’t one of those huge corporations with thousands of nameless employees. Since our inception in 2009, our greatest asset has always been our employees. For our 14th anniversary, we’re introducing them to you!

Meet Dave

Starting at Fyresite in 2013, Dave is our Director of Product.

What Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked On At Fyresite?

Ten Minutes Saves a Life,” said Dave, explaining that it’s because of the “smooth flutter rebuild.” This app is a medical manual that allows user to keep track of medicine dosages, expiration dates, and access life saving crisis sheets.

First Computer You Ever Used?

Dave told us he couldn’t remember what computer he first used, just that it was when “I was 5, in 1992.”

What’s A Fun Fact About Yourself?

“There’s a man who’s had his blood replaced with mine via a stem cell transplant,” Dave said. While this may sound like the plot to a futuristic sci-fi movie, it’s not. It’s amazing to see what modern medicine can do!

What Would Be Your Dream Job If You Weren’t a Director of Product?

“A space explorer,” said Dave. While he may still be on Earth, the boost he gives the projects he works on are out of this world!

What Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish You’d Been Given At The Start Of Your Career?

Dave said he wish he’d been told to “spend more time planning.”

If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would You Be?

“Some bird of prey,” said Dave, because he would like to “fly around, [and] eat fish.”

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Learned At Fyresite?

“How to answer questions without being overly technical, because being too technical would make it too long to easily explain,” Dave said.

Come back everyday until Fyresite’s big 14th anniversary to learn more about the players that work in tandem to make your web and app dreams come true.