Fyresite isn’t one of those huge corporations with thousands of nameless employees. Since our inception in 2009, our greatest asset has always been our employees. For our 14th anniversary, we’re introducing them to you!

Meet Jason

Jason is our Chief Executive Officer. One of our co-founders and co-owners, he’s been with the company since the very first day!

What Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked On At Fyresite?

When it came to his favorite project, Jason couldn’t choose just one.
“Green Mountain Grills and State Forty Eight have been my favorite projects to work on. Getting to know the teams and vision has been an inspiration,” said Jason.

First Computer You Ever Used?

“An Apple Macintosh,” Jason said.

What’s A Fun Fact About Yourself?

“My great-grandfather was on the Titanic,” Jason shared. Sound familiar? That’s because Jason and Matt, our Director of Finance, are brothers!

What Would Be Your Dream Job If You Weren’t Chief Executive Officer?

“A fighter pilot,” said Jason. A very different field, but we’re glad he’s here with us!

What Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish You’d Been Given At The Start Of Your Career?

“Know your value sooner,” said Jason. This is great advice. At Fyresite, we recognize that the greatest asset a company has is their people, and we want all our employees to know this too.

If You Could Be Any Animal, What Would You Be?

Jason said he would be “an eagle.”

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Learned At Fyresite?

“Building something takes time, patience and consistency,” Jason shared. Especially in today’s world, it can be tempting to want results right away, but with everything, you get what you put into it.

Come back everyday until Fyresite’s big 14th anniversary to learn more about the players that work in tandem to make your web and app dreams come true.