A modern day clash of the titans. If you were to ask any one designer their thoughts, you would likely hear an impassioned speech about why one is amazing and one is the worst thing that has ever happened to design. Which is which depends on the designer asked.

We have a different point of view. Neither would have survived the competitive world of design software if they weren’t worth it. The real question is what does each of these platforms have to offer, and why people prefer the platform that they do.

The Basics of Figma

Figma is a design tool built for collaboration. It can be used in a web browser, or downloaded as an app on mobile and desktop.


Figma offers a host of capabilities. They describe themselves as a place to create, share, and test websites, mobile apps, and other digital products/experiences. Within each Figma design file, there can be multiple designs.

You can access tools from the toolbar, add layers (including text and shapes), view/adjust properties, use guides, and more.


Figma has multiple subscription plans, ranging from the Starter Plan, which is free, to the Enterprise Plan, which costs $75/mo, or $35/mo if you’re only using it for dev mode.

Figma Design

The Basics of Sketch

Sketch is vector graphics design software that was created for MacOS. On top of this app, it also has a web app, allowing users to share their designs via the web.


Sketch offers a MacOS app and web based tools. While Sketch was created for UI designers, they boast that it has been utilized by everyone from architects making floor plans and artists looking to create illustrations.


Sketch offers three subscriptions. The Standard license is priced by month (with savings if you choose to be billed yearly) and by editor. The Mac Only license costs $120 per seat. The business subscription is only available in the yearly billing, costing $240 a year per editor.

The larger your team, the more you pay for a Sketch subscription.

Sketch design software

What Do Users Prefer?

This is a question that every user has their own opinion about. Of course, this includes each software. Here’s what each software says about why they are better than the other.

Why People Prefer Figma

Here are some reasons why people may prefer Figma, according to Figma. It is an all in one solution, whereas Sketch needs additional apps to reach full potential. It’s also cloud based and not limited to Mac. The cloud based design also makes it much easier to work together in real time.

Why People Prefer Sketch

On the other hand, here are some reasons why people prefer Sketch, according to Sketch. Their native mac app offers offline workflow, has no file size limit, and requires no credit card for their full feature free trial.

Should I Use Figma or Sketch?

It depends on your needs and requirements. While this may not be the answer that you were looking for, this is the truth.

At Fyresite, we use Figma. This is primarily because of the robust collaboration features offered. It allows us to work with our clients asynchronously to build the site of their dreams. It allows our clients to interact with their designs and leave feedback on their time table.

However, if the capabilities and/or cost of Sketch align more closely with your business, then you should go with Sketch. The best software is the one that works with your business.

Fyresite is a web and app design and development company founded in 2009. To see some of the work we have done for our amazing clients, view our case studies.