Online marketing is always rapidly changing and evolving. Due to this, it is not something you can pick up a textbook and learn everything from. However, with a bit of self-initiative and the will to stay on top of emerging online marketing concepts, you will be on the right path to success. Here’s the some current concepts in online marketing you must be aware of:


SEO stands for search engine optimization and has long been one of the most important online marketing concepts. If SEO is done successfully your website will be one of the first to pop up for many search queries, resulting in a massive increase in clicks, reads and purchases.

In a nutshell, SEO requires creating a lot of good content and staying up to date on good SEO practices. Search engines have an algorithm for ranking high, but don’t release that information to keep the competition among websites flowing. There are a number of resources dedicated to this, and a quick Google search for SEO tips will almost assuredly give you plenty to improve your website with.


Analytics, or anything that provides metrics and data, are extremely important to online marketing campaigns. Analytics and data allow you to adjust marketing campaigns based on a number of metrics. You can sculpt and shape up a campaign to fit your audience while also seeing what works for future campaigns–while also shedding what is not working.


They may not seem vital, but understanding basic HTML and CSS gives you a major edge over the competition. If you are armed with the right knowledge to make smart decisions in this area, your site will stand out. Online marketing is made up primarily of dealing with various websites and having a distinguished one, thanks to HTML and CSS skills, will make a difference.

Social Media

Social media campaigns can be tough to take on. It’s important to learn all you can about social media, which is actually easy to do with information you can find online, as well as books related to the subject. Take in everything you can in order to master the craft and eventually be able to successfully promote your business effectively on social media platforms. A great social media and viral marketing campaign can be tricky to pull off, but will pay dividends for those that get it right.


At the end of day, almost everything comes down to money. If money isn’t coming in after your online marketing efforts, it is time to make some tough decisions. Understand how to calculate your online marketing return on investment (ROI) and you will be able to address what is worth it and what is not. You will be able to stay in business and make more money when you cut the fat and get rid of ineffective marketing concepts, while putting more towards what works for you and your business.