If you aren’t engaged in some form of video marketing in 2017, then here is some extremely helpful advice for you: Start ASAP. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why is video marketing so important in 2017?”. The answer is surprisingly simple: according to a study by Wyzowl, 61 percent of businesses are now involved in video marketing, with 66 percent of those companies video marketing for the first time after having no presence in that area just one year prior .

Implementing video marketing for the first time may seem like a tough task, but it can be done with just a little bit of work and know-how. Whether you hire someone or take the time to learn how to properly video market yourself, it is clearly an investment, but one that will certainly pay dividends. Read on to find out why:

Video Marketing Increases Sales

Adding a video to a landing page is a great way to assist in making sales. For example, if your landing page is for a product, having a video explaining exactly what the product is and how it works gives potential customers more information and make them more comfortable in buying the product. People tend to react more favorly after seeing a product they are interested in in action. Studies have found that 74 percent of people who watched a product video wound up purchasing the product, so sales will undoubtedly rise if you implement video on your website.

Videos Help With the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video marketing is extremely effective for SEO for two particular reasons. YouTube is owned by Google, and stats have shown that landing pages with videos are favored by the world’s most popular search engine a rate of 53 times more than pages lacking videos.

Mobile Users Love Videos

More and more, people are watching videos on their mobile phone. If you look at the numbers, your mind will be blown. One of the most telling is that the rise of mobile video views has increased a whopping 400 percent from 2012 to 2014, and is surely still on the rise in a mobile-first world.

Video Marketing Makes Selling Much Easier

A video can explain everything one needs to know about your product or service, which helps with some lazy shoppers that have no interest in reading a description. Some people just want to see your product or service in action and react much more positively to this than even the best written text.

Video Marketing Provides a Positive Return on Investment (ROI)

76 percent of businesses that are using video marketing felt they have earned a good ROI. While video production can be more expensive than other forms of advertising, but if you are able to negotiate an affordable rate or acquire the equipment to create video marketing content on your own, then it becomes much more palatable. Remember, effective videos focus on informing first, while quality and design–which can be more costly–are less important.

Video marketing may have seemed like the thing to ignore in the last few years, but now is better than ever to start incorporating it to your business.