Facebook is one of the most highly used social platforms in the world, with millions and millions of people and potential customers partaking in it every day. With that in mind, it would be downright unwise not to use it to promote your business. That isn’t anything new, but where many businesses struggle is actually figuring out to market on Facebook. Although it takes a bit of creativity, persistence, and hard work, here are the things you should must do in order to find success with Facebook marketing.

Using Facebook For Business Purposes

If you are reading this, you likely already have a website to promote your products and services–or are at least interested in starting one up. Unlike your website, avoid using Facebook as a tool to promote products. Facebook should be used instead for social purposes. Creating a genuine relationship with your customers will do much more than any sales pitch. Any content posted on Facebook should be relevant to what is going in the daily lives of your customers, not to promote a new deal. For example, if you sell clothes, perhaps showcasing the clothes with certain messages regarding current events, or showing what’s going on behind the scenes among employees making the clothes.

Not Being Different

Instead of trying to play it safe, try something new. Share funny posts or images that are somewhat related to your industry. Posts of this sort are bound to stand out and attract organic traffic.Things like memes really resonate with readers, especially in younger demographics. However, tread cautiously, and make sure these are organically funny, as forced humor can backfire.

Not engaging

What many Facebook pages fail to do is engage their audience. To truly grab the audience, you must do more than just reply to a post of a customer. You must also use tools to do things like host contests and surveys, which will better engage your audience and get them involved. Asking questions and sharing photos of your customers is another great way to engage. This type of activity is going to create a bond with your audience that will be almost unbreakable. Consumers are much more receptive to giving their input, whether it is a opinion or new idea, for your product or service when they are engaged.

Not Scheduling Posts

Facebook offers a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule posts for the future. This means you don’t have to manually post something every single day. Instead, you can work ahead of time and map out all your Facebook posts for the rest of the month or even longer. Having a schedule of posts is great for keeping the interest of your customers and showing them you are an active business on Facebook. Make an effort to post at least five times a week in order to stay connected. However, in most cases it would be wise to not post more than 10 times per week, because that is toes the lines of annoyance and spam.