Blogging isn’t the same as it used to be. What used to be an exercise to inform is often now used for SEO purposes. However, having a blog on your website can be used for more than strictly SEO reasons. You can utilize one to enhance how your customers and industry perceive you and improve public relations. Below are just a few of many reasons why your website needs a blog.

Helps With Social Media

Every business needs to be active on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other platforms are all necessary for most businesses to gain more traffic. Besides reposts and scattered quotes and facts, the key is pushing out original content. When you have a blog, you can use that content on social media to not only to provide unique content to your followers, but also to engage and bring traffic back to your website.

Creates A Personal Relationship

With a blog you have the opportunity to give your customers a more behind-the-scenes take on your products or service. Customers can get to know your business on a more personal level and it aids in the decision to buy. According to Quick Sprout, “61% of consumers have made a purchase based solely on a blog post.” Besides the common product description and specifications, a blog post about your product or service is a way to provide a more personalized experience for any consumer and gain their trust.

More Credibility

Every business is customer-driven. Customers make many purchase decisions based on credibility. Consumers want to do business with a company that they trust is credible and feel they have nothing to hide. With a blog, you will have the opportunity to create this credibility and trust by providing expert posts, recent industry news and developments. You can also reveal an inside look into your business, as well as information that would assuage any doubts or concerns that consumers may have about your service or product.


Blogging helps your website’s SEO performance, which will bring more potential customers. Search engines, primarily Google, will prioritize websites with blogs. These search engines especially vale blogs with good, quality content. Posting a fresh blog post once or twice a week on your website can increase your website’s ranking and make it appear in relevant searches.