SEO is a never-ending process. It is not something you implement once and never have to worry about again, as search engine formulas are changing being tweaked and updated. A good website owner will always spend time to find new SEO methods and improve on the ones they already utilize. With 2017 here, here are ways you can improve your SEO in the New Year.

Improve User Experience

One of the most important things when it comes to SEO is user experience. It can be simple for things to go unnoticed when it comes to the user experience of your website. Things such as a slow website or broken links will work against you and cause your site to not rank as highly in the engines.

Here’s a few ways you can improve your website’s user experience:

  • Inspect all links and search for any broken ones on your website, and then fix or eliminate them.
  • Inspect content for any mistakes in terms of readability and crawlability.
  • Analyze your website’s navigation and make it a simpler process, improving its structure and eliminating confusion.
  • Test your website’s speed, especially pages with a lot of images or videos. If it is loading slowly, work to improve it.

Better Content

Your website may be generating traffic and you may feel satisfied with the content you are producing, but you could probably still offer more value than you already are. Whether you write your own content or outsource it, 2017 should be the year you keep add more value to your site. You shouldn’t write for SEO purposes only, spend the time to engage your audience with useful content–which will boost traffic and bring repeat visitors.

One way to add more value to your content is by targeting what your audience likes. Analyze your most popular content and focus on those providing more around those subjects. Set optimization aside for a moment, as search engines are now more inclined to favor appealing and engaging content–rather than diluted content targeting keywords.

Visual Content

If you aren’t implementing visual content already, now is the time to start. According to Syndacast, video content will represent 74 percent of all internet traffic by 2017. When it comes to your website’s visual content make sure to:

  • Choose an engaging title
  • Add alt text and meta tags
  • Use Youtube and host the video on your website
  • Make visual content that will be captivating and is likely to be shared

2017 is a new year, if your previous SEO strategy didn’t do well or it did but you think it could do even better, now would be the ideal the time to take these tips into consideration. Your website can always be improved, so get to work and make your content great!