Fyresite is now an official Shopify partner!

As of November 2020, Fyresite completed all the steps necessary to become a Shopify development partner. This accomplishment puts the Fyresite development team in the perfect position to grow online Shopify stores with better code, tools, and (most importantly) profits. The in-house team has worked tirelessly to reach this milestone and is excited to get building.

Our Certifications

Fyresite is now certified in three primary areas: product fundamentals, business fundamentals, and theme development. Here’s what that means for businesses.

Shopify Product Fundamentals Certification

The product fundamentals certification guarantees Fyresite grasps all the ins and outs of the Shopify platform. It shows they know the services Shopify offers and how to apply them to a business.

Shopify Business Fundamentals Certification

The business fundamentals certification guarantees Fyresite knows how to start, run, and grow a successful Shopify business. It shows they can get your business up and running quickly, strategically, and efficiently.

Shopify Theme Development Certification

Shopify themes are the front end of any Shopify website. The theme development certification demonstrates expertise in making custom themes following best practices. It shows Fyresite can build custom front-ends for ecommerce stores that look great, work wonderfully, rank on google, and fit the branding guidelines.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is easily one of the best eCommerce platforms available for businesses big and small. That’s why this partner status is so huge.

The best part is that it works for companies of all sizes. Selling merch as a side gig? Use Shopify Lite. Making millions online? Use Shopify Plus. No matter the brand, Shopify gives merchants everything needed to run a successful online store.

Shopify’s video has this brief little video to introduce the program and what it means.

Most importantly, Shopify makes merchants. Here are some of the many ways Shopify can make a seller some extra dough.

Sell anywhere

Whether a business is building a new Shopify is a perfect fit.

Shopify is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for streamlining your digital sales. It has all the tools entirely digital stores need to thrive and even more to sync physical and online sales. Their point of sale (PoS) system links online and physical inventories, making it easier than ever to manage everything.

Merchants get to focus on what you love and let Shopify manage the hard stuff. Selling in person or online is easy and streamlined.

Manage with ease

Shopify is pretty easy to set up and use. The admin view is clean, the features are set up super intuitively (even our UX experts agree), and the features each serve a distinct and powerful purpose.

Plus, sellersdon’t need to worry about compliance, since Shopify handles all that security stuff for you. It’s a simple, customizable tool that becomes very powerful in the hands of a skilled web design team.

Managing an eCommerce store is far easier with Shopify.

Rank on Google

Shopify’s the best bet for ranking on Google. It gives merchants all sorts of neat search engine optimization (SEO) tools to push their sites all the way to the top.

Sellers can also push keywords using the meta tools.

Even the site structure works in favor of sellers, and this partnership helps developers make sites even more SEO-friendly than before.

Plus, it’s got lots of apps, and if merchants get a good coder on their team, they can custom-fit all sorts of amazing analytics into the site.

Most importantly, Shopify is mobile friendly. To rank on Google, websites must work just as well on mobile devices as they do on desktop. With Shopify, sellers don’t even have to worry about it; the details are managed for them.

eCommerce stores that rank use shopify.

Customize everything

No one wants a template store, so why do so many sellers settle for platforms that restricts creative expression?

Shopify is very customizable. It comes with countless brilliantly-designed themes that let sellers market their own way. Yes, the themes are technically templates, but they look amazing and can be edited in their entirety.

If none of the themes work, Shopify developers can create custom themes built to be an exact fit for the business. In the hands of a skilled developer or designer, the possibilities are limitless.

Grow endlessly

Shopify is structured specifically to help brands grow.

Whether running a small facebook merchant or giant fortune 500, merchants can grow with Shopify. The analytics platform is easy to use and very informative, giving sellers great insight into how they are doing.

And when a business is ready to take your business to the next level, Shopify partners like Fyresite are on standby to help along the way.

What Shopify Partners do for eCommerce Merchants

Shopify has lots of great features, but the Shopify partner status means more than that. It guarantees that the business meets the highest possible standards set forth by Shopify itself.

As a Shopify Partner, Fyresite is a certified master of Shopify theme development. All themes from the Fyrelab look great and sell significantly more.

Sure, these tools, tips, and resources are awesome, but they’re so much more powerful in skilled hands. That’s why Fyresites in-house designers and developers have worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone: to give merchants the best eCommerce experience money can buy.

Fyresite is agile, close-knit, and data-driven. This status isn’t the end goal. It’s only the beginning of a long and prosperous journey to make every merchant’s digital storefront steal the show.

Sellers want to make bank, and Fyresite is always finding new ways to give them a digital boost.


Once again, congratulations to the Fyresite team! They’ve worked hard to get here and can’t wait to build some awesome eCommerce stores.