Fyresite Loves Phoenix: An Illustration Series is an homage to all of the great landmarks, buildings, and public areas that this wonderful city has to offer. As a graphic design firm, we wanted to illustrate our favorite places around the Phoenix Valley.

The past two parts have explored the best that Phoenix has to offer. Part 1 looked at some of the more iconic Phoenix landmarks, while part 2 branched out to include more Tempe and Scottsdale buildings. This time, we’re excited to show you gorgeous illustrations of more distant landmarks. While some landmarks are as far-off and otherworldly as the Biosphere near Tuscon, each one is close to home in our hearts at Fyresite.



Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

Arcosanti is so beautiful that we had to illustrate it twice.

The town started as an experimental project by architect Pablo Soleri, who wanted to explore sustainable urban living. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and famous bronze-cast bells. Though it’s a bit beyond the outskirts of Phoenix, Arcosanti is too beautiful to ignore.

ASU College Avenue Commons in Tempe, AZ

ASU College Avenue Commons

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

Sometimes it’s the buildings with the most mundane purpose that look the most stunning. The College Avenue Commons building was designed for ASU’s School of Sustainable Engineering and is home to the Sun Devil Marketplace.

Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ

Biosphere 2

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

Perhaps Arizona’s biggest monument to sustainability is the Biosphere 2: a gorgeous research center in Oracle, Arizona. The facility was originally designed as a closed system. However, it is now open for research and education.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ

Desert Botanical Garden

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

Buildings are nice, but the Phoenix desert has its own unique beauty. The Desert Botanical Garden was created by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society to showcase the beauty of the desert and to protect endangered plant species. Currently, the garden has over 50,000 different plants.

Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building in Tucson, AZ

Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

We’ve practically illustrated the entire ASU campus–let’s get some University of Arizona illustrations in here, too.

The stunning Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building, better known as ENR2, earned LEED certification at the platinum level–the highest level achievable. For combining both beauty and sustainability, we’ve decided to give it an illustration.

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ

The Musical Instrument Museum

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

We’ve always loved music almost as much as we love design, but the Musical Instrument Museum, or MIM, combines both into one elegant package. MIM is the largest instrument museum in the world–and it’s right here in Phoenix.

South Mountain Towers in Phoenix, AZ

South Mountain Towers

Illustration by Miranda Alfaro

If you’ve seen eerie red light hovering over the Phoenix skyline, you’ve seen the South Mountain Towers. This cluster of communication towers crowns South Mountain with a beautiful light display visible throughout the city. Since these lights are so visible throughout Phoenix, they make the perfect piece to wrap up our illustration series.

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