The Fyresite Loves Phoenix: An Illustration Series, is a homage to all of the great landmarks, buildings and public area’s Phoenix has to offer. As a graphic design firm, we wanted to illustrate our favorite places around the Phoenix Valley.

ASU Gamage and Tempe Town Lake, in Tempe, AZ

ASU Gammage

We bleed Maroon and Gold, so it was only right to do an illustration representing A-Mountain and Arizona State University. Go Devils!

Light Rail, in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, AZ

Light Rail in Phoenix

The light rail in Phoenix. Some love it, some hate it. We think it represents Phoenix so we vectorized it.

Tovrea Castle, in Phoenix, AZ


If you’ve been to Phoenix and driven on the 202 near ASU, you’ve passed Tovrea Castle. Most people don’t know its name or purpose, they just know it looks like a castle. Tovrea Castle is a landmark in Phoenix so we added it to our “Fyresite <3’s Phoenix” illustration series.

Cardinal Stadium, Phoenix AZ

Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Cardinal Stadium represents Arizona becoming a mainstream state. Every NFL team has it’s own stadium, but the Cardinals played at Sun Devil Stadium for many years. Arizona brought in world renowned architect, Peter Eisenman to help with the process. Arizona wanted to set a new standard for NFL stadiums with top-of-the-line design and technology. The stadium features a retractable roof and field. Go Cardinals!

The mill, on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ

Hayden Flour Mill in Tempe, Arizona

Illustration of one of our favorite Tempe Landmarks! The Hayden Flour Mill is on the north end of Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona, the watering hole for Arizona State University. If you ever come to Tempe, you need to go to Mill Avenue!

Westward Ho! in Phoenix, AZ

westward ho in Phoenix Arizona

An Illustration of one of our favorite historic Phoenix buildings, the Westward Ho! Originally a radio station, now a senior citizens home.

Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, AZ

san carlos hotel in downtown phoenix

The San Carlos hotel in downtown Phoenix has been running continuously since 1928. It has a cool old vibe and is a historic icon in Phoenix.