As part of our ongoing commitment to build a more innovative neighborhood, Fyresite is sponsoring Athletes for Arizona: a charity dedicated to supporting the local community.

Athletes for Arizona was founded by Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jason Demers. His mission is straightforward: to host local charity events that take sportsmanship from the ice to the desert. Since its founding, Demers and Athletes for Arizona have hosted charity events for Arizonans in need, sponsored by local community-driven businesses, including a Christmas toy and food drive for children in need happening right now.

Fyresite was founded to bring much-needed warmth, transparency, and familial compassion to the tech space, so the Athletes for Arizona mission resonates deeply with the team. Fyresite CEO and co-founder Jason Turnquist is especially excited. He commented “Jason [Demers], it’s been a pleasure working with you. I’m glad Fyresite could be a part of this and help give back to the community” shortly before enthusiastically updating the Fyresite team about the charity.

Working with Demers and Athletes for Arizona is part of Fyresite‘s drive for “Psychic income — that great rushing feeling of helping others succeed.” The next step? To get more people involved! Athletes for Arizona is accomplishing something spectacular, and anyone can be part of that journey.  After all, Demers wants everyone to “inspire others to help those in need.”

How to participate

Now through January 8th, Athletes for Arizona is running a Christmas Food and Toy Drive. Participants purchase toys from The Learning Journey International using the code ATHLETES4AZ for a 65% discount, then drop off the toys at one of the participating locations: Diego Pops, The Montauk, or State Forty Eight. Alternatively, participants can donate directly to @AthletesForArizona on Venmo. All toys, food, and monetary donations go directly to the Society of St Vincent DePaul to feed, clothe, house, and heal people in the local Arizona community.

This drive is sponsored by local businesses dedicated to the betterment of local communities. This including Diego Pops, State Forty Eight, The Learning Center, and Fyresite. Fyresite donated the website and continues to support the Athletes for Arizona charity. In the holiday spirit, Fyresite also donated $1000 worth of educational toys to Arizona children in need. Growth and innovation always start with the youth, and Fyresite is proud to sponsor such an amazing charity.

Have you given back to the community this holiday season? To get involved, please visit the Athletes for Arizona website and start supporting the local community today.