Let’s face it: most commercial hardware websites look like they’re straight from the early 2000s. Doorware, for instance, is one of many nearly-identical hardware websites. Let’s just say it won’t be winning any design awards any time soon. . . Doorware ugly commercial hardware website
But why are so many hardware websites so ugly? It’s because of all the products. Business owners have so many different types of hardware that building a good website seems like a waste of time and money.

However, this assumption is false. A website is the only 24/7 salesperson available. It generates countless leads, sells tons of products, and establishes a home base for any brand. A good website makes all the difference.

Disagree? These five commercial hardware and appliance websites prove that even B2B commercial companies need a killer website.

1) Trudoor

Trudoor truly redefines what a commercial hardware website should look like. It preserves many of the industry’s aesthetic markers (color scheme, layout, etc) with a modern twist. Instead of an ugly sidebar stuffed with links, Trudoor has nested top navigation. Hovering over a menu item opens a dropdown with images of the subcategory. Combined with the sleeker, more comfortable design, it’s a truly stunning commercial hardware WooCommerce website.

trudoor best commercial hardware website

Trudoor’s top navigation makes the UX much better. Launch Trudoor

2) Comfort One

A nice touch of branding may be enough to revamp an entire website. This is the case with Comfort One: a family-owned HVAC business specializing in commercial (and residential) heating and cooling solutions. Everything about their website estanlishes trust right away. In addition to smiling faces (one of the most effective website modifications out there), Comfort One uses cool blues and friendly copy to assure visitors that their services are as reliable as their team. It’s a brand-driven website that works. Isn’t it cool?

Comfort One best commercial appliance website

Comfort One establishes trust fast. Launch Comfort One

3) EM Power generators

EM power generators carries a wide selection of comemrcial and industrial power generators. Their massive catalog of products and services is intuitively organized. More importantly, the landing page features the product, services, and call to action right away. It’s a simple, effective website that adds lots of value without too many major changes from the traditional format.

EM Power Generators website

EM Power’s home page is built to convert. Launch EM Power

4) Dothan Industrial Hardware & Supply

Many B2B industrial hardware companies get most of their sales from phonecalls and don’t see the value of commercial hardware websites. However, Dothan Industrial Hardware & Supply proves that everyone succeeds with good web design. They list their hours and phone number prominently next to their logo. This decision drives more sales and establishes a strong online presence. The scrolling header images, calls to action, and engaging headers pull a lot of weight. The website isn’t perfect — there’s too much copy underneath the header — but it’s a solid sales-oriented website with lots of potential for growth.

Dothan Industrial Hardware best industrial hardware website

Dothan Industrial Hardware & Supply proves even the most traditional industries need good websites. Launch Dothan Industrial Hardware & Supply

5) Stanley Hardware

Stanley’s website is especially effective because it uses scrolling images to cater to specific services. One image advertises hospital hardware, while another promotes commercial doors and a third promotes residential solutions. Each image connects strongly with a different client. Plus, the whole website has strong branding. Unfortunately, the header lacks a call to action, but otherwise, it’s a solid website.

Stanley Hardware website

Though it lacks a call to action button, Stanley’s scrolling images cater to different clients. Launch Stanley Hardware

These five commercial hardware and appliance websites prove that every business needs a good website to get ahead, even in traditional B2B industries. A well-made website has unfathomable selling power, and it may be the edge you need.

Are you willing to turn down such a money-making opportunity? Of course not! Don’t miss your chance. Reach out to a top web developer today with the form below.