iOS 12 Development Updates

The latest iOS update offers faster and more responsive ways of doing things. This includes the ability for any app to work with Siri and being to create shared augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Learn more about the latest iOS updates and why they offer more freedom and flexibility when it comes to iOS development.

Learn The New APIs

Learning new APIs can seem like a headache, but the new development opportunities in the latest technologies makes it very beneficial in the long run. For example, developers can now implement Siri shortcut suggestions that work within apps based on monitored common actions taken by a user. This will allow users to use your app through defined shortcuts without even opening your app. This is significant because users are looking for the fastest way to use their smartphones and companies such as BuzzFeed and Paypal are already using them.

There is also a new framework called Create ML which optimizes machine learning and reduces server time, thus making apps faster and more efficient.

ARKit 2

There are very few AR apps in the app store right now, but that is about to change with the ARKit 2 update which will allow developers to build multiplayer games that share a 3D scene, meaning apps can feature 3D AR worlds that can be shared between players.

Also included with the ARKit 2 update is object detection which offers amazing capabilities such as pointing your phone at an object and getting details of it or scanning objects in the real word and incorporating them into your AR experience. Those are just examples, but the capabilities can be endless.

Integrate Feature

The new iOS update allows quicker integration of APIs than ever. For example, apps can be created that overlay directions right into video feed of the user’s surroundings by combining CoreLocation, a map directions provider and ARKit 2.

These are other cool updates to iOS Development:

  • Clinical history can be shared to health apps through the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources to optimize help with dieting.
  • Notifications only display one single message per app instead of several now, so you have to be smarter with the messages you send.
  • Notifications can be made interactive, meaning users can touch it and see the message directly instead of going to the app.
  • You can share authentications logins between Safari and apps. (Google/Android has already been doing this.