When you think of thrifting, you likely think of a brick and mortar store. When you think of eCommerce, you most likely think of new goods. This often forces a conscientious consumer to choose convenience versus sustainability. Recommerce is here to change that.

Fyresite has done all the research into this sustainable branch of eCommerce, so read on to get all the details for yourself!

What is Recommerce?

Recommerce refers to the selling of previously owned, refurbished, or overstock products. Some refer to it as ‘reversed’ or ‘repeat’ commerce.

Regardless of which word that you consider to be the proper suffix, the goal of recommerce is to reduce, reuse, and recycle goods and to shop sustainably.


How Does Recommerce Tie Into ECommerce?

Recommerce is a subset of eCommerce. The defining difference is that recommerce only deals with the sale of previously owned, refurbished, or overstock products. ECommerce the sale of any product through electronic means, most commonly via the internet.

How Can I Incorporate Recommerce into my ECommerce Business?

There are a few different ways you can incorporate recommerce into your business. If you operate a thrift or overstock store, then congratulations! You already are.

If you currently don’t have any recommerce options, that doesn’t mean you can’t. There are a few different methods you can use, which will vary depending on what goods you sell.

One common way would be to incorporate the selling of refurbished goods. This would be fixing issues wrong with returned items and reselling them at a lower cost. This is most common if selling items such as electronics.

If you sell items that are handmade, you can become more sustainable by selling goods that had mistakes at a lower cost. This could be selling items made in the wrong color, or that were misshapen, or any flaw that you wouldn’t sell at full price but does not impact the functionality of the item.

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