Discounts can be beneficial to stores in many different ways. They can assist in reengagement, reward customer loyalty, and drive traffic to your store. But where to get started? That’s where Fyresite comes in. Whether you’re a new merchant, or just brushing up on your Shopify discount options, this guide will take you through the basics.

Types of Shopify Discount

Shopify makes it easy for merchants to enable a wide range of discounts for their customers.

Amount Off

This discount takes an amount, either a fixed dollar amount or percentage, of the total amount of the customer’s purchase.

When creating this discount, you’ll choose if you would like the discount to apply to an one-type purchase, subscriptions, or both. You can also add if this discount is only for specific products or collections.

Free Shipping

This discount removes the shipping cost from the customer’s total.

Buy X Get Y

This discount rewards customers by offering an award for buying either certain products or reaching a certain purchase price threshold.

Creating Discounts

On Shopify, discounts can be made as a code or to be applied automatically. Either way, they’re created in the Shopify Admin.

Discount Code

All Shopify Plans include the capabilities for discount codes.

To create a discount code, you need to determine the days when the discount is valid, how many times the code can be used by a single customer, minimum order amount, applicable products, and if the discount can be combined.

All of the aforementioned discount types can be created for online store use. For merchants using Shopify POS, their customers can also redeem all discount codes, outside of buy x get y discount types.

Automatic Discount

An automatic discount is made much the same as discount codes. When you go into your Shopify Admin to create the discount, you will have the option to create a discount code or an automatic discount. Click automatic discount to make an automatic discount.

Automatic discounts only work if your customers complete all the criteria necessary for the discount.

Combining Discounts

You can offer combined discounts. To do so, you would need to select the eligible discounts for customers to combine.

There is a maximum of five discounts that are allowed to be applied to a single order.

Managing Discounts

All discounts are managed through the Shopify Admin. You can see previous discounts you’ve made, and the ones you have currently active.

After setting up your discount code, you can use the sort by discount report that will tell you how many times a discount code has been used. This will give insights into what types of discounts are used most with your customer base.

Considerations for Shopify Discounts

As you begin the process of Shopify Discounts, you need to keep a few things in mind.

What products will be included in the discount? What customers will have access to the discount? How will you alert your customers to the discount? Will this discount use a code or be automatic?

These are just some of the questions that you should consider when setting up a new discount.

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